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We are a family of three - my husband, myself and my almost 2 year old son. We are looking for someone with experience cooking family and toddler meals as well as cleaning our house. Ideally, we would like to have someone 3 days per week (15 hours per week).
Required Private/personal cook, Family cook, Cook for Childcare/School
From $22/hour


Richmond Hill • 13 km away
To cook for a discerning family of 5. Must be able to come up with a menu or follow instructions to accommodate healthy lifestyle eating. Will clean the kitchen and wash dishes and follow orders or work on her own relating to kitchen activities and cleanliness etc.
Required Private/personal cook, Family cook, Dietary cook
Im seeking an experienced cook for the weekends. We entertain frequently and are looking for someone who can help prepare meals for small (4 person)and large (15 person) dinners. Culinary Certification required. Ability to drive. Tidy kitchen, organize, grocery shop, meal plan. Wash dishes. Really like Asian and Mediterranean foods. BBQ. Seafood. Healthy meals. Must be a non smoker.
Required Private/personal cook, Family cook
From $30/hour
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Seeking a capable and hygienic chef who can (1) menu plan; (2) prepare healthy breakfast and lunches for family of 5 (3 kids, 2 adults); and (3) prepare grocery list (and/or pick up groceries) while maintaining a clean kitchen. Ideally, the chef would come 2-3x/week sometime before 3PM (hours flexible to suit you) to prepare food and leave in containers (either fully prepared or ready to go/mix/cook). The ideal candidate would be capable of planning and preparing healthy kids' meals. The ideal candidate would grocery shop as well (healthy, organic foods) or make grocery lists to ensure kitchen is stocked. Please reach out if you enjoy cooking healthy foods. No childcare or other housekeeping required (unless you wish for more hours). Additional opportunities/hours/$ available for discussion. We are seeking person to help make the lives of two busy professionals more efficient.
Required Family cook

Family Chef

North York • 4 km away
Menu setting School lunches After school snacks Dinner prep Grocery shopping
Required Family cook
Hours to offer someone who might be in the neighbourhood anyways! We are looking for someone to come by the house to warm a meal for a senior at lunch time. This could be as little as one hour on Mon/Wed/Fri. This will work best for someone who has a car and/or is already in Forest Hill Village assisting other clients. For someone who loves to cook, we could increase the hours e.g. up to 3 hours each day Mon-Fri or even discuss grouping them for longer cook days. We would like the shifts to happen around the lunch hour to ensure our senior is served a warmed meal. PLEASE do not apply if you cannot reliably come for the shorter shifts described above. If you already live/work in the neighborhood and/or use a personal car please mention this in your response as you will be prioritized. Please also mention if you speak Persian....this would be a gamechanger for us! Most importantly we are looking to find someone caring and to build a schedule/work environment that is win-win. We are a busy but fun family!
Required Family cook
From $25/hour
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Mid town Toronto. From 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm 2 nights per week. Meal preparation and clean up.
Required Family cook
looking for someone who loves to cook. an elderly couple needs help in the kitchen to prepare meals. they love veggies and salads and chicken and soups.
Required Family cook
From $20/hour
Looking for a full time Cupcake decorator. Proficient with buttercream and comfortable with fondant. Position is available for my business Cupcake Paradise
Required Pastry chef , Chef for events
From $17/hour
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Personal Cook

Toronto • 11 km away
Homemade Punjabi Food on a daily basis Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Can commute to downtown Toronto
Required Private/personal cook
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