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Tutor in Ottawa - Courage E.

Courage E.

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Hi, My name is Courage. I'm Nigerian. I'm a student but I love to teach too. I love solving problems and I love music too. In my free time I do a little bit of music production which is one of the ways I express and relax myself. I love teaching. I have taught in various places and I've taught various subjects but maths is my main focus for now. I used to have lessons with a group of children after school, where i usually went over assignments and new topics with them. I'm a student myself but I believe that the best way to learn is to teach.

Natasha A.

Yrs old
I am a highly creative individual with a passion for art. I am compassionate, kind, and very professional. I love to teach others about art and pursue their abilities in many creative ways. I graduated Queens university with a bachelor of fine arts in 2020. I have over 10 years of experience professionally studying and learning about art. I hope to pursue a bachelors of education in the near future to achieve my dream of becoming a high school art teacher.
Tutor in Ottawa - Anita B.

Anita B.

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Strong knowledge of Common Core standards, assessment design, and curriculum elements for the elementary mathematics classroom. Mainly focused on academic evaluations, lesson planning, and standardized testing expertise. Adept at using positive reinforcement teaching techniques to encourage student behavior and growth. Talent for employing unique teaching strategies to effectively engage all students and foster a fun and engaging learning environment. Impressive work ethic and commitment to creating a challenging yet nurturing learning environment. Quickly develops an excellent rapport with students, staff members, and parents to produce a friendly and supportive school community. Passion for inspiring adolescents to achieve and go beyond their current capabilities. Looking to contribute my knowledge and skills to a school that offers me a genuine opportunity for career progression. Elementary School Mathematics Teacher with four years of experience managing a classroom of 25–30 students.
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Profiles with reviewed documents
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Jennifer N.

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Please see resume Many years’ experience educating children .
Tutor in Ottawa - Salma T.

Salma T.

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I am a master economics student in University of ottawa. I am an Arabic speaker since it's my mother language and French and English. I am good at math because we use it in economics for advanced calculations. I am a teacher assistant in my university

Cecil A.

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I am a Canadian citizen, and an immigrant from the States. I am single, and have no afternoon/evening commitments at this time. I finished high school with good grades, and received two scholarships from Carleton after I applied. I ended up leaving university, because it wasn't right for me at that time. I am gifted in humanities and arts more than math and sciences, but did take honors level courses in Biology, Marine Biology, Algebra, and Geometry. In high school, I took university level courses in World History, US history, and English. I was a theater student from a very young age all the way to high school, and have knowledge and interest in Musical Theater and Chorus. When working at Ivy League Academy, a daycare in North Florida, I frequently helped children aged 6-12 complete elementary-level homework. I have helped peers study and memorize for tests. I was also a theater student from grades 3-11, and have extensive knowledge in the fields of (musical) theatre, chorus, and visual arts. I have led art workshops for elementary-aged students, as well as middle school students.

Anusha K.

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I had 2 years of Tutoring experience to Graduate level students. Apart from that I teach Mathematics and English to kids. Strong communication skills, well-planned. Easy going