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Tutor in Mississauga - Sarina R.

Sarina R.

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My name is Sarina, I have been a babysitter and tutor for a long time couple years I try to help out as much as I can. I am no longer in school I have graduated high school and collage. I am a psw (personal support worker), helping kids has always been something I was interested in I understand that school and learning new things can be extra difficult for some people so I am here to help. 😃 I have been helping kids grade 1-8 with any homework or extra help… helping them learn, go over lessons, introducing new things, getting work done. Not only is getting the work done important but understanding plays a big role. To help kids understand something, may be so difficult but with a little help and fun ways I got it covered! Reading/writing All subjects Introducing new lessons Letters and numbers Language/punctuation and more
Tutor in Mississauga - Rina E.
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Rina E.

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I am Rina, a Filipina. I have 20 years of experience with the children as a classroom teacher. My goal is to utilize my skills. I am available during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I am a lover of kids. 2003-2012 home service tutor with graders especially in basic reading and basic math in primary level in my home country, and 2003-2023 Public High School Science Teacher in grade 7 level students
Tutor in Brampton - Anmoldeep K.

Anmoldeep K.

Yr old
Yrs Experience
I am an international student. I have worked as a language instructor for almost 2 years. I love teaching and am good at explaining concepts. Halls of IELTS DEC 2020 TO JUNE 2022
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Tina S.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I am an ECE Certified With Masters Degree in English Literature. A Former Teacher with Tremendous amount of Experience in Teaching English and Math . Has been Teaching from Grade 2-8 students. I have done Masters in English Literature, A former Teacher with tremendous amount of experience as a Teacher.
Tutor in Mississauga - Erika E C.

Erika E C.

Yrs old
Lo Hello, my name is Erika, I am a very patient and kind person, I like teaching children more if it is Spanish teach spanish language to children, i speak spanish and i can help your child to learn a new language
Tutor in Mississauga - Bibi W.

Bibi W.

Yrs old
I m positive person with humor I like laugh and I m funny. It will be fun learning French with me I like music, danse, travel. Voilà! In years 2000, I worked as a teacher in Congo in secondary school before travel in Belgium where I had my diploma of nurse assistant
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Manhardeep K.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I am Manhardeep from India and married 5 year teaching experience .
Tutor in Mississauga - Sarabjeet K.

Sarabjeet K.

Yrs old
I have done doctorate in human studies. I have done doctorate in human studies. Have 7yrs of experience of training .I am good with children.

Kirandeep K.

Yrs old
Year Experience
I am Kiran. I am from India(Punjab). I am an extrovert person. my Hobbies are reading books, painting, and watching cartoons. Teaching is one my great passion. Plan and design standard-based lessons for a group of learners. Teach the students in a friendly, so they can clear all doubts regarding their subjects I know English, Hindi, and Punjabi. I have one year's experience in teaching .
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Tasha D.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I received a Bachelor of Art in Moscow State university, I am Canadian citizen, living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, over 20 years, I love art, Music, Photography, Dancing, and, i am a nature lover, fascinating with birds, I do teach my pet birds to be my very own fathered friends, who could understand me very well .the secret of living stress free, it's amazing! I have experience working with a wide array of clients, from children to seniors. I have worked in severe and persistent mental illness, specializing in a number of areas such as hoarding, grief, and trauma. I enjoy all things creative healing; art, stories, music, dancing, walking, mindfulness, and many more! may include interventions to: resolve emotional conflict increase self-awareness and self-esteem build social skills change behavior increase coping skills develop strategies for problem solving