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Maple Ridge
- Schedule usually determined a few days in advance, some weeks are much busier than others. - Pick me up and drive to the locations planned, usually house viewings - Locations in Surrey, Abbotsford, Langley primarily - Will pay by the hour
Required : Driver on demand
I currently live in Surrey and have been ubering downtown 3 days a week for work. It is annoying for me and would prefer to find someone to pick me up at 8:30am to drive from Surrey downtown and at 5:30pm to drive me from downtown to Surrey.
Required : Personal driver
From $30/hour ($600/month)
I am Randeni and has a 6-year-old son who is attending Eric Langton Elementary school., Maple Ridge. I am looking for a Nanny who can pick him from school 2.20 pm and drop off at home on Monday to Friday. The distance between school and home is 700 m. I would like to make fixed weekly payment for the drop off service. The prices can be negotiable.
Required : School transportation
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Trans port my two kids from daycare near by Pitt meadows library to maple ridge 246st. From Monday to Friday at 5pm for picking up.
Required : Driving Nanny, School transportation
From $30/hour

Reliable Driver

Langley • 10 km away
I just moved here and don't have my own transportation. Uber and Lyft have made me broke this past 1.5 weeks. I start working full time Mon to Fri next week. I am seeking someone who can get me to and from work on time and safetly at a reasonable price. I make work at 3pm. I finish at 11pm. Bus takes me nearly an hour to get there which has me leaving over an hour early for my job. If I have a driver I can spend more time with my child - save money from not requiring a babysitter as long - and gets me directly from my door to the door of my job without problems.
Required : Personal driver
Reliable and safe driver.Picking my kids from school and dropping home
Required : School transportation
From $17/hour
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We are looking for someone to pick up my mom in Port Coquitlam and drive her to White Rock to see my dad in a care home at Peace Arch hospital and then bring her back to Port Coquitlam and drop her off. This would be three times a week for a total commitment of close to three hours per day, 3 days a week. Please let us know if that's possible.
Required : Driver for seniors
From $20/hour
Need to transport kids from a pickup location in surrey (to be determined) to St. George’s school in Vancouver every morning and then do return trip after school. The drop off and return times could vary each day of the week pending the school schedule.
Required : School transportation