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Madison Z.

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Part-Time • Live-Out
I created this job post because I love cooking Most of all I want to help others in healing disease and making healthier choices. I want to share my experiences with others and what helped me:) Cooking has always been a huge hobby and passion of mine! Anything from trying new dishes and recipes, meal preparing and making delicious foods for others :) I've never been a professional cook by trade but I've been cooking for clients in home care, friends and family over the years and truly enjoy it and seems like everyone else has too :) I'm available for all kinds of catering and meal prep Also for diet and any kinds of natural healing with foods <3

Sydney A.

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Part-Time • Live-Out
i am currently a grade 12 student from Pitt Meadows. I live at home and work at a restaurant part time during the week. I've always loved cooking. My biggest hobby is baking and cooking at home with and for my family. learning and following recipes is very easy for me as well as learning dietery restrictions for family and childrens needs. food safety course certificate