Driver jobs in Calgary

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I need someone to pickup and drop off my kids to exchange for parenting access time with the other parent. Location will be the same such as a Tim’s, around SE Calgary.
Required : Driving Nanny
Looking for someone who is able to pick up my daughter from her day home and drive her one way to her extra curricular activities by 4:30 pm Monday-Wednesday. If more hours are needed we would be happy to have some help around our house. We would appreciate any help we can get.
Required : Driving Nanny, Personal driver, Family driver

Baby sister

Calgary • 9 km away
I need to drop child to someone‘home who is living near St Bede School and please drive the child to the school before 12:30 Monday to Friday.
Required : School transportation
From $15/hour
Driver needed for mother and two young children. Must be available during the scheduled times if contacted. As my children will at times, be present in the vehicle, applicants Must be able to show responsible driving at all times. All applicant's will need a valid Alberta driver's license as well as be able to show proof of up to date registration and insurance on their vehicle. Applicant must be able to pass a driving record screening with Alberta registry as well as a Calgary Police background check (including vulnerable section as well) Prefer at least 10+ years of driving experience. No substance abuse issues, (legal or illegal) and no records of prior arrest/conviction for driving while under the influence. Applicants must be able to maintain work/on call hours. Patient people with understanding around young children is a must as well as ability to be able to lift no more then 10lbs (putting bags into the vehicle and taking them into to the house) with ease. Driving duties are an on call for the most part, if there are pre-arranged errands you will know about them advance. All driving will take place during scheduled hours unless we have made a deal for a specific reason. I will not be bothering you and expecting you to drop everything outside of the posted hours. Most of the area's you will be asked to drive to and from will be with in the NE quadrant of the city with exceptions on occasion. If this sounds like a position you would enjoy, please contact me and myself or husband will get back to you and arrange to meet for an in person interview and subsequent screening. I look forward to it.
Required : Driving Nanny, Personal driver, Family driver, Driver on demand
From $21/hour
Looking for someone who is kind warm / friendly and who drives.
Required : Driving Nanny