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Roselyn G.

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I have 3 adult kids and 3 grand kids. Im a nurse midwife in my country (Philippines) I have a caregiver cert child care and elderly care with or without complex. I am a swimmer. I am driving with a class 5 drivers license. I have a First aid, bls-cpr with AaeD certificate. I am a good cook as well, i am very fuzzy in cleaning especialy the kitchen and bathrooms. I manage house hold by grocery shopping, stocking foods at the pantry & throw outdated foods in the fridge. I am a homei person, chatty and have lots of talents. I always sa YES! I have a positive out look in life. Specially with my clients. I am very compasionate, fun loving, kind hearted. I am passionate about providing quality care to seniors and enjoy forming close relationships with my patients. I believe my qualifications, experience, and enthusiasm make me an ideal candidate for this position. I have extensive experience in providing care for the elderly, including assisting with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and light housekeeping.

88 yrs old 4th stage prostate cancer spread to his liver. Duties include comfort care & pallative care. Meal prep food has to grind and add no color or taste protien powder for his muscle mass. Cant swallow big pills so need to grind. Adding hydrite in his water or juice to avoid dehydration. He was able to walk to the bathroom before his treatment (Luthatera) after treatment he was deteriorate gradually. Thats the time i do the comfort care. Sponge bath, help cleaning him after poop and pee, encouraage him to eat & drink fluids. Massage feet, hand and forehead to prevent edema. Using protective gowns, mask & gloves because of radiation. Organize his room & tidy, do his laundry. She is 70yrs  old had stroke & dimentia. I help her bathing, give her medicine, drive her for doctors appointment. Keeping her clean and groom. Prepare nutri food. Bring her to malls. I help her for grocery shopping as she always wanted to go outside. Do a 30 mins very light exercise l. Shes in a wheel chair & able to do some stuff of her own but im always there to guide and support her. I always paint her nails, and often talk to her. I always  provide her needs and make sure to provide her a safe, happy and healthy environment. She 90 yrs old with pace maker & alzimers help her bathing, give her medicine, drive her to doctors appointment. Keeping her clean and groom. Prepare nutri food. Bring her to malls. I help her for grocery shopping as she always wanted to go outside. Do a 30 mins very light exercise. Shes in a walker with chair & able to do some stuff of her own but im always there to guide and support her. I always paint her nails, and often talk to her. I always provide her needs and make sure to

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Grocery Shopping
Meal Planning / Preparation
Clean Bathroom
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Home Health Care
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Work history
Accumulated experience : 12 years • Number of previous jobs: 6
2023 — 2023 • Less than a year
Pallative hospice comfort care for elderly
I work 2 shifts in a day. My client is 83 male terminaly ill. I prep meals which are soft foods., help him to take a bath, clean him and help him in his hygiene, taking vital signs, massage his feet ( which is offered and he loves it) l, oral care. Until such time that he went for treatment and his body cant take the effect. I work for him just 3 weeks and he pass away.
Home setting ( Ernie)
2021 — 2023 • 2 years
Newborn care
I look after a newborn twin. Actually this is a personal exprience as my daughter gave birth to twin girls. Because its handlefull for her i help her from bathing, feeding, ang looking after. I teacher her how to do it as a mom. The twin are now turning 3. They grew up very loving, and a happy babies. I always make sure that the babies are feed properly, diapers are change when wet and dirty, clothes change if when from feeding, teach her how to make the baby burp, how to do routines like sleep, eat and play time.
Lyreine Tubal
2019 — 2021 • 2 years
Childcare, housekeeper
Couples have a full time job. I look after 3 kids age 1,3 & 6. I make nutri meals , drive kids to school, bring the 1 yr old for music lesson. Pick 3 yrs old for lunch and drive her to her another school in the afternoon. And put the baby at nap. While napping its my time to clean and tidy the house, do laundry & prepare dinner. 3pm pick up kods at school, play in parl for 1 hour if they dont have after school activities like ballet, soccer & hockey. Kids dinner at 5:30 and i gave them a bath and read books and put them into bed before 7pm. I work full time, i do grocery shopping, clean the house but not deatiled as we hire cleaner 2x a week. I set play dates & on summer we are always out to kitsilano beach. I have a authorization to disipline the kids in the manner the parents want. I work 12 hours a day monday to friday. / another employer single dad with the full custody of his son age 2 yrs old. The father is always traveling for business trips. Hes working at home. As i only look after 1 kid he wants the house spotless. He taught me giw to do land scapping , painting the fence, clean the deck and even make a wine cellar. I have a great time working with this two family as they treat me as the member of thier family.
Cristie Tayde
2016 — 2019 • 3 years
Caregiver for special needs
Im working with a young lady with autism complex. When she is mad 
I try to make her calm and comfort. She 26 but her mind is 6-7 yrs old. She in enjoy music and very good at dancing. I encourage her everyday that she is loved and apreciated. She came from a foster home.  My duties include cooking, diah waching, laundry, grocery shopping. But often times she help me with the task. I always make sure to provide her a happy and safe environment.
Jessica Sotana
2013 — 2015 • 2 years
Childcare, housekeeper
Single dad and Looking after his 2 yrs old kid . Go on trail, parks drive him in activities like, karate & swimming. Engage in his school activities when he started school. Cleaning the house, do laundry and i am full responsible when he is out of town. He gave me a full responsibility and custody and make decision in his kid when he is not around. I do 50 /50 childcare & housekeeper house hold manager. I treat the kid as my own. We have a shitzu name pepsi every afternoon we walk in park and play. The kid is sleeping beside me and sometimes i bring him to my place on weekend if dad is having friends around.
Mark Mantel
2010 — 2013 • 3 years
Chilcare, driver, household manager
3 kids age 1,3&5. Duties include drive them to and from achool and after school activities, house cleaning when 2 kids at school while the 1 yr old is buzzing me ariund while playing his fav ball and money cubby. Do dishes, laundry, tidy toys and rooms, and prepare a nutritios meal according to parents prefered. I am a fun loving person i manage kids schedule on playdates and play at park and the beach. We love out doors. I do routines in the meal time, bath time and sleeping time. And i make sure before they go to bed there is always a bed time story.
Sumanl mellvile


Caregiver / Companion
Personal Support Worker (PSW) Certificate
Home Support Worker
First Aid Certificate
CPR Certificate
Associates Degree
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Recommended by Walter
2023 nannying/ household manager/ housekeeper/ driver
Additional Information
Active: Today • Member since: September 2023
featureHave a valid driver's license
featureHave a personal car
featureComfortable with pets
featureCan swim
featureWilling to relocate
featureAble to travel with the family
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
featureHave my own child/children
Gender: Female
Proof of police check: Yes
My Nationality: Filipino
Languages: English, Tagalog
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