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I've worked mostly with cats, but I also love dogs and grew up with several dogs in the family. The only reason I do not have one myself is because my place is currently too small for the type of dog I would like one day. I am open to walking, feeding, and playing with your doggies as well. My pet situation: I have a cat of my own named Trixy who is 7 years old. I took her into my home 3 years ago, as the family who previously had her was not the healthiest situation for her. They let me take her into my own care. She is sassy yet cuddly. I also have many friends with cats of all sorts of personalities - I can handle it all. I work full time M-F at a TV Network, but I recently had to quit my part time cleaning job on weekends, so I'm looking again for enjoyable part time work where I can help people with whatever they need, while saving for a new home.

I've been a cat sitter for friends for the past few years. I have stayed overnight for as much as a week long at homes in order to feed, clean litter, play with, and administer medication (such as insulin shots) daily for cats. I have also dropped in on cats for a few hours at a time to feed, replenish water, play with, and clean the litter. I also worked as a cleaner part time for an office building who had 2 wonderful office cats. I cleaned their litter each weekend as well as made sure their feeder and water fountain were replenished. (I encouraged the owner to switch from water bowls, which were constantly spilled, to a fountain - and they loved it!)

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