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Pet care in Laval - Nicole D.

Nicole D.

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Hello, my name is Nicole and I hail all the way from the beautiful South American country of Chile. In an exciting new chapter of my life, I migrated to Canada, drawn by the promise of fresh and thrilling opportunities that lay in this multicultural, progressive nation. My academic background is entrenched in Primary Education, from which I hold a bachelor's degree. Throughout my university tenure, I demonstrated a high level of dedication and academic prowess, which resulted in my graduating with a distinctive honour - a clear testament to my diligence and natural affinity for teaching. Following my graduation, I had the opportunity to put my education to good use at a renowned school in Chile known as Bertait. In the stimulating and fast-paced environment of educating young minds, I was able to hone a myriad of skills. This includes nurturing care and empathy for my students, exhibiting an extraordinary level of patience, unveiling my creative abilities, and developing a knack for organisation and time management. These skills have not just aided my professional life, but have come to shape my personal demeanor. I am blessed with a loving and large family structure that includes six of my siblings and our two adorable canine companions. This bustling and vibrant household has always been my greatest source of joy and continues to motivate me every day. They inspire me to not just strive for greatness, but more importantly, to attain excellence in every endeavour - personal or professional, that I undertake. As for my leisure time, I have a diverse range of hobbies that I indulge in. I am a voracious reader and always find myself enticed by new stories and perspectives. In terms of maintaining my physical health, I find the gym a perfect outlet to stay active and energized. Spending quality time with my dogs through our frequent walks is another calming and enjoyable routine for me. However, the most valuable moments are those spent in the warm company of my family, creating memories and cherishing our bond.

I have been responsible for providing comprehensive care to a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, birds and rodents. I have made scheduled home visits to feed, water, and provide companionship to the animals, as well as administer medications according to instructions provided by the owners. I have also carried out cleaning tasks of cages, sandboxes and play areas to ensure the hygiene and well-being of the pets, as well as daily walks and interactive games to promote their exercise and mental stimulation. Maintaining regular communication with owners, I provide updates on pets' status and behavior, and am prepared to handle emergency situations calmly and efficiently, including vet visits as necessary. Additionally, I keep accurate records of each visit, including details about the pets' diet, health and behavior, demonstrating my commitment to responsible animal care.

  • Phone number confirmed
Drop-in visits (feed & play)
Dog walking
House Sitting
Doggy Day Care

Desired salary $13/hour

I can take care of
Exotic animals
Other animals
Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Willing to do
Administer oral medication for dogs
Taking care of special needs dogs/other animals
Providing daily exercise for high-energy dogs/other animals
Brushing teeth/fur
Work history
Accumulated experience : 2 years • Number of previous jobs: 1
2022 — 2024 • 2 years
Early child educator
● Promotion of literacy and encouragement of written and verbal expressions through creative projects, educational activities, and the analysis of literary and non-literary texts. ● I developed and planned different activities for children with special educational needs. ● Implementation of strategies focused on developing reading comprehension skills, creative writing, and grammar. ● Development of pedagogical material and differentiated evaluations. ● Handling of technological resources to enrich and maintain the interest of students. ● Collaboration with the teaching team to integrate the subject's objectives into interdisciplinary projects.
My references
Recommended by María T.
Dear employer, I am very pleased to recommend Nicole Díaz for the position of child care provider to work in your home. I had the pleasure of having Nicole as an employee in my home. During Nicole's time as a part of our home, she demonstrated exceptional commitment and an innate ability to work with children. Her dedicated and passionate approach to children's well-being was evident in all daily interactions. Nicole has a strong understanding of child development and has demonstrated the ability to create a safe and stimulating environment for the children in her care. Additionally, you are skilled at designing and executing recreational activities that encourage learning and skill development. His patience, empathy, and communication skills are remarkable. Nicole not only established meaningful bonds with my children, but also maintained open and effective communication with me, providing me with regular updates on my children's progress and well-being. Nicole also excelled at problem-solving and making quick and effective decisions, especially in unexpected situations. Your ability to remain calm and act professionally in challenging times demonstrates your maturity and commitment to child care. In short, I am convinced that Nicole would be an invaluable asset to your home. Her passion for child care, along with her exceptional skills, make her an outstanding candidate for the position. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, María Teresa Fernández Pesce +34 669 10 25 19
Additional Information
Active: 21 May • Member since: January 2024
featureComfortable with pets
featureWilling to relocate
featureAble to travel with the family
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
Gender: Female
Proof of police check: Yes
My Nationality: Chilean
Languages: English, Spanish
Sponsorship required: Yes
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