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Looking for a friendly, responsible bi-weekly housekeeper

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At my home, I am the proud owner of three adorable cats. Their safety and well-being is of utmost importance to me; it is equally significant that they don't provoke any allergies for me or my occasional guests. Maintaining a strict cleaning regime ensures the safety of my feline friends and is essential in keeping allergens at bay. As a part of the interior of my home, I have sections that are carpeted and areas that are covered in linoleum. Both of these surfaces are subjected to heavy use and, thus, demand regular cleansing. Although I am able to tackle most basic housekeeping chores on my own, certain tasks such as dusting and mopping the floors lag behind due to my busy schedule. Given the nature of my commitments, I can't always dedicate the amount of time to housekeeping that I would like to. This deferral greatly contributes to my need for seeking professional help. That is why I am in search of a friendly and trustworthy individual who could step in to assist with such duties around my home. I need to be able to implicitly trust this individual, as they would be granted permission to enter my home. I am looking to establish a schedule and hope to have someone come into my home on a regular basis, such as every two weeks, to help me sanitize and freshen up the place. Their assistance would ensure that my cats have a clean habitat and that my home remains an allergy-free zone, thanks to routine and thorough cleaning.

Salary $35/hour

Less than 20 hours/week
Desired start date immediately
Housekeeper is responsible for
Clean the inside of the home and the immediate external areas
Kitchen cleaning- Dishes, cleaning inside and outside of fridge, cupboards, oven, dishwasher, pantry, counters and floors
Clean Outside of Oven, Fridge, and Dishwasher
Place of work
House & Apartment Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning
Additional requirements
Have carRequired to use own car
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