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Housekeeper in Winnipeg - Helena L.
Full-Time • Live-In, Live-Out

Helena L.

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Throughout my extensive career, which spans over seven years, in the roles of a nanny, housekeeper, and cleaner, I have always shown commitment to aligning with my employers' expectations and requests. This stems from my deep-seated respect for their households and my belief in treating them as if they were my own family. My approach to my work is driven by respect, understanding, and empathy, both for the homes I help maintain and the people who live in them. In my quest for improvement, I have consistently demonstrated the attitude of a lifelong learner, always seizing opportunities to grow and develop. For instance, when I err in my duties, far from letting it deter me, I take it as a valuable lesson. These lessons shape me into a better professional and allow me to rectify my missteps. I wholeheartedly believe in taking responsibility for my actions and perpetually learning from my past mistakes. Moreover, I have always made it my mission to serve my employers according to their unique needs and expectations. My goal is to provide services that are not just satisfactory but exceed their expectations. I am aware that trust plays a central role in my line of work, and I am dedicated to upholding that trust. I strongly vow to never betray their faith in me and remain earnest and sincere in all my actions and interactions. In conclusion, with my near-decade-long experience in the field, I pledge to continue adhering to the wishes of my employers, treating them and their homes with respect, learning from my errors, and ensuring I give my best in all I do, while maintaining and honoring the trust they have placed in me.

In my 7 years experience, 3 years in Abu Dhabi and 4 years in Hongkong. My job is caregiver/nanny /cleaner/housekeeping and handle mostly childcare.

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Salary: Negotiable

Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Able to do the following
Cooking and serving on special events for family and or guests
Grocery shopping and household errands
Keeping the household supplies fully stocked
Receive & serve guests
Pet care
Plant care (garden and household plants)
Prefer to work in
House & Apartment Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning
Additional Information
Active: 16 May • Member since: October 2023
featureComfortable with pets
featureAble to travel with the family
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
Gender: Female
Proof of police check: Willing to obtain
My Nationality: Filipino
Languages: English
Sponsorship required: Yes
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