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Driver in Vancouver - Josselyn A.
Part-Time • Live-Out

Josselyn A.

Yrs old
Year Experience

my name is Josselyn and I am a 25-year-old woman from Burnaby. I have 1 year of working experience as a driver and I can start immediately. I am available on various days and hours, including Sunday mornings and middle of the day, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday mornings and middle of the day, Thursday mornings, Friday mornings and middle of the day, Saturday mornings and middle of the day, and Monday middle of the day. I am also willing to relocate and travel for the job. I have a valid driver's license and I am a non-smoker. I am also a proficient swimmer. I don't have any children, and in the past 3 years, I have not been involved in any accidents or had my license suspended. I prefer to use the employer's vehicle for work. As a driver, I am dedicated to picking up and dropping off on time and maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle. I can plan the best routes based on traffic or climate conditions. I am also comfortable accompanying employers to events and appointments and carrying out errands assigned by them. I keep detailed records of vehicle maintenance, repair, and expenses. Additionally, I can identify and resolve mechanical issues of the vehicle and visit a car garage when necessary. Furthermore, I have experience as a driving nanny and can assist with drop-offs and pick-ups at school or daycare. I am capable of accompanying children to extracurricular activities, ensuring they are dropped off and picked up at specific times. I am also willing to help with changing clothes, gathering necessary items, and providing snacks or meals. I am currently seeking part-time employment as a Driving Nanny, Personal Driver, Family Driver, School Transportation, or a Driver for Seniors. I prefer to work in a Live-Out arrangement. I speak fluent English and Spanish. Although I do not have a police check, I am open to obtaining one. Lastly, I hold citizenship in another country. Overall, with my 5 years of driving experience, I am confident in my abilities to fulfill the responsibilities of a driver and nanny.

I had a one-year of internship in USA and as a part-time job I was driving seniors to do groceries and all the tasks they might need.

Driving Nanny
Personal driver
Family driver
School transportation
Driver for seniors

Salary: Negotiable

Prefer to use at work Employer's vehicle

5 Years Canadian driving experience
Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Able to do the following
Picking up and dropping off on time
Maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle
Planning the best routes to take (depending on traffic or climate)
Accompanying employer to events/appointments
Carrying out errands/assignments given by the employer
Keeping a record of vehicle maintenance, repair, and other expenses
Driving-Nanny duties
Drop off and pick up at school or daycare
Accompany to extracurricular activities
Drop off at extracurricular activities
Pick up at specific time
Help to change clothes, gather needed items
Provide snack or meal
My references
Recommended by Nivi
I met her through Sitly, a babysitter website where I have the pleasure of picking up her kids from school and drop them off at her house. It was an incredible experience, and the communication was managed perfectly to attend to this job.
Additional Information
Active: More than a month ago • Member since: September 2023
featureHave a valid driver's license
featureCan swim
featureWilling to relocate
featureAble to travel with the family
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
Gender: Female
Proof of police check: Willing to obtain
My Nationality: Other
Languages: English, Spanish
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