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Part-Time • Live-Out

Hoda C.

Yrs old

My name is Hoda and I reside in London. With zero years of working experience as a driver, I am eager to embark on my professional journey starting from 04.08.2023. When it comes to my availability, I am free to drive from Monday to Friday during the mornings and midday. At the age of 32, I have managed to maintain a clean driving record, without any accidents in the past three years, and my license has never been suspended or revoked. Currently, I own a Cedan vehicle, which is my preferred choice for work. I am committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip by maintaining the vehicle's cleanliness and planning the best routes based on traffic and weather conditions. In addition to driving responsibilities, I am willing to accompany my employer to events and appointments, carry out errands, and keep a record of vehicle maintenance and expenses. I possess the necessary skills to identify and resolve mechanical issues, seeking professional help when required. As a driving nanny, I can drop off and pick up children from school or daycare, accompany them to extracurricular activities, and ensure punctuality for any scheduled pick-ups. My desired job opportunities include roles such as a Driving Nanny, Personal Driver, Family Driver, School Transportation Driver, or Driver on Demand. I am currently seeking part-time employment and prefer to work on a live-out basis. While my driving experience is limited to one year, my Hyundai, manufactured in 2023, is reliable and efficient. I look forward to utilizing my skills and passion for driving to provide exceptional service to my future employer.

No experience

  • Phone number confirmed
Driving Nanny
Personal driver
Family driver
School transportation
Driver on demand

Desired salary $20/hour

Prefer to use at work Personal vehicle
(Cedan • Hyundai 2023)

1 Years Canadian driving experience
Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Able to do the following
Ensuring the trip remains safe and enjoyable
Picking up and dropping off on time
Maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle
Planning the best routes to take (depending on traffic or climate)
Accompanying employer to events/appointments
Carrying out errands/assignments given by the employer
Driving-Nanny duties
Drop off and pick up at school or daycare
Accompany to extracurricular activities
Drop off at extracurricular activities
Pick up at specific time
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