Driver jobs in Richmond

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Hello We have a 3 year old and a 20lbs 4 month old. We need a one day trip from our house to the train station Grand Central tomorrow with car seats in your car. We would need pickup at 5:45am. GPS says it’s about a 12 minute drive to the station. We will have luggage and a stroller too. Thank you
Required : Personal driver, Family driver

Occasional Driver

Richmond • 5 km away
Hello! I am looking for a driver to take my 15 year old from Richmond to Burnaby once or twice a week.
Required : Driving Nanny, Personal driver, Driver on demand

Personal driver

Richmond • 6 km away
Driving my teen to Burnaby for activities and wait until she is done and back again
Required : Personal driver, Family driver
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Driver needed for family

Vancouver • 8 km away
Driver required for a nanny of an a 11 month old baby and 7 year old child. Driver world be required to drive and pick up at extracurricular activities and sometimes required for dropping off and or picking up from school. Baby car seat is required. The car will need to have room for a stroller to transport to and from activities. This is casual work for a few hours per week.
Required : Driving Nanny, Family driver

Personal driver to and from work

Vancouver • 10 km away
Personal driver to and from work. For personal and health reasons I need a personal driver to and from work. I work in the valley and live in Vancouver.
Required : Personal driver, Driver on demand
Must be good at gardening, trimming trees, maintaining grass, planting, fertilizing, and solid filling. From time to time driving family members around town using their own car or family-provided car, must have a policy check record. Test pool water chemical level from time to time, cleaning up inside and around the pool.
Required : Family driver
From $20/hour ($2,600/month)
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We're looking for someone to help get our son ready in the morning (get dressed and out the door), and then take him to daycare. His daycare is about a 10 minute drive there (and back if you are using our vehicle and need to return it). If you have your own vehicle we will cover gas. Looking for someone who has great driving experience (and references) and is happy to work for 1 hour (730am - 830am) 2-3 mornings per week. Our son is a happy little guy and is lots of fun to be around!
Required : Driving Nanny
Looking for driver, and care giver for 12 year old daughter on a week on, week off schedule. Need pick up at 3pm after school on Burnaby, and then drive and drop off in Vancouver.
Required : Driving Nanny

Female Driving Supervisor

Vancouver • 12 km away
I need a licensed lady to supervise me while I run errands in my van, to practice for my driver's test, since I only have an L. So you would be the licensed driver that must be in the car while driving with a Learners Permit.
Required : Personal driver
From $60/hour
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Driver for my daughter

Vancouver • 13 km away
Driver job in Vancouver - Driver for my daughter
Picked up Downtown by 7:30 to get to school in North Vancouver by 8:15 am/ Picked up from school and either dropped off at home downtown or to activities.
Required : Driving Nanny
From $35/hour