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Need trustworthy, reliable and kind carer for my elderly father who’s struggling


Hello. I need to find a carer for my father. He has Parkinson’s and kidney cancer and lives alone so needs help. I really want to find someone trustworthy and reliable and who is caring and can take good care of him. He is due to have a big operation soon and will need possibly more time and maybe some overnight assistance as well initially but then I hope it could go down to twice a day as stated. It would be great if someone is a bit flexible to work around his operation and work with me on scheduling that could be best to support him at that time and beyond. He doesn’t currently need overnight assistance but I can’t say that might not be needed in future so would love to hire someone who can be a bit flexible and open as well as things might change. It would be great to have someone who can walk with him, take him to appts, run errands, ensure he takes his meds etc.

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