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Kevin is a Stroke victim


A heartfelt appeal to a trained senior / health care professional who is capable, compassionate, and understanding. My dear friend, Kevin, suffered a major stroke during his stay in Australia. He owns his home and lives alone here, due to which he requires a dedicated caregiver. Despite a long period of hospitalization, his mobility has been somewhat preserved, but it has significantly impacted his speaking ability. It has become impossible for him to communicate efficiently which makes living on his own challenging. Therefore, supervision is crucial which I am planning to be initiated within a week to determine his capabilities. A medical report from Australia suggests that round-the-clock supervision will be required, however, this is a matter that his friends feel may not be necessary and is open for discussion. The position is part-time, requiring commitment during the mornings and evenings from Monday through Saturday, accounting for about 20 to 30 hours of service per week. The job responsibilities mostly revolve around Kevin's daily needs such as grocery shopping, housekeeping, meal planning/preparation, running errands, escorting Kevin to appointments, and providing Alzheimer/Dementia care. A valid driver's license is required along with a necessity to use your own car as transportation is crucial for the post. The care giver can choose to live-in or live-out based on their convenience. Being particularly experienced in stroke recovery would be of immense assistance. The preferred start date is 17th April, 2024.

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