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I am a single dad with two (2) daughters. They are 13 and 9 years old. I share custody of the children. The girls stay with me alternate weeks, from Friday at 5pm to the following Friday when they leave for school. I am looking for part-time help during the weeks they are with me. You can work two (2) 8 hour days to help with laundry and cleaning and groceries. Friday and any other day of the week. I order groceries on Friday online. You can pick it up at the store. Superstore at Argentia Road. Other help I need is: 2. School drop off for the 9-year-old 8:40am 10 minute walk or kiss and ride 3. School Evening pick up for the 9-year-old 3:10pm 10-minute walk or kiss and ride 4. Prepare meals. (I do some cooking as well) 5. Prepare lunches for school (simple) for 9 year 6. Grocery shopping for the week (pick up only) 7. Laundry 8. Light home cleaning I do travel one weekend a month when I would need overnight care. This is usually from Friday evening to Sunday evening. I live in a one bedroom and have a bed in the living room that you can use. The girls sleep in the bedroom.

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