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Nanny: Full time weekdays -2 kids (3yo and 16mo)


We are a family of 4, Tyler (3 years old) goes to daycare everyday 9am-3pm and Melissa (16 months old) stays at home. We are looking for a nanny from 9am to 5pm (weekdays), with possible 8am-6pm shifts, until Sep2024, when Melissa gets a spot at the same daycare. We have a dog (Siberian Husky 5yo) that has limited access to the kids and main floor, but the nanny won't have any responsibilities over him. The nanny will be responsible for activities to keep the kids busy and having fun, feeding (preparing meals like instant oat meal, pancakes, French toast or putting snacks in the oven. The food for lunch will be ready just need to warm up), putting down for a nap (both kids naps 1x 1, 5-3hours), put the toys away and keep the kitchen organized related to the kids stuff only. No need to drive the kids.

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