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Tutor in Okotoks - Kiara K.

Kiara K.

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Foothills • < 1 km away
Route from: Okotoks
I'm Kiara, a passionate pianist with a decade's worth of experience playing the most beautiful instrument on the planet - the piano. I have always found solace in music and believe it’s one of the best forms of creative expression. Music has been my savior during the frequent moves my family undertook when I was growing up. This also meant that I had to self-learn after short stints with various piano tutors. Through this process, I not only improved my skills but also learned how to read music notation effectively. While I lack formal work experience, what I don’t lack is passion or talent, and I have often shared my knowledge with family and friends. As a tutor, I bring not only my love for the piano but also my tenacity and patience, which I believe are crucial attributes for effective learning. Everything from simple melodies to more complex pieces holds infinite potential if played with fervor and determination. As a 17-year old woman, I can effectively communicate with and teach trainees across a wide age range, from 3 to 17 years old. To me, age is never a barrier, and everyone can learn to play the piano and captivate audiences with their music. I can easily commute to my students' homes for lessons, provided they are within Calgary. Additionally, I am happy to provide remote lessons online or welcome students into my home for a comfortable learning environment. I am available for piano classes from Monday to Friday, mornings to evenings, with a bit of flexibility when required. As I am eager and ready to start sharing my knowledge, I can begin providing lessons immediately. Taught myself Piano as I moved so often that I could not rely on tutors or piano teachers to advance me in my learning as a child.

Rakesh K.

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Okotoks • 1 km away
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