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How to find a Dog Boarding provider near me in Westmount, QC?

Finding a dog boarding service in Westmount, QC using is easy. Here's how: 1. Use the search filters to narrow down the options by location (Westmount or postal code) and availability. 2. Browse through the profiles of potential dog boarding providers, which include reviews from previous clients, to help you make an informed decision. 3. Once you've found the perfect dog boarding provider, you can contact them through our platform to discuss the details of your booking and any specific instructions for your dog. Dog boarding in Westmount is a special service that provides a home-like environment for dogs while their owners are away. This is a great option for pet owners who are going on vacation or business trip and don't want to leave their furry friend in a kennel. Dog boarding providers typically offer a range of services, such as feeding, grooming, and exercise, to ensure that your dog is well taken care of and happy during their stay. Many dog boarding providers in Westmount also provide updates and pictures of your dog during their stay, giving you peace of mind while you're away.
Pet care in Montreal - Montse B.

Montse B.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I am Montse, a young vet student from Mexico who came in Montreal to work in a vet clinic! I have worked in several clinics and in a zoo for 2 years so I can take care of almost all kind of animals, from dogs to elephants! No need to say that I am passionate about animals wellbeing, and I will know what to do in any situation thanks to my career :) If we talk about daily duties, I have 3 dogs back home so I'm also veeery used to it! I'm a vet student so I have worked in clinics as volunteer for 2 years, I also have 3 dogs at home so I'm used to always taking them out or the cares they need when we go out

Lisa G.

Yrs old
Sofía and Eli lived north of Montreal, and Caracara the baby’s big sister, lived in Montreal. But I actually walked a Siamese cat named Binki, in Los Angeles, and cared for a recovering German Shepherd who decided vaulting through a plate glass window from the second floor was worth the risk, because he thought he could catch up to his L.A. philharmonic violinist owner who’d just left for work. He wouldn’t let anyone put a tourniquet on his bleeding leg but me, so a very grateful daddy returned to find the bleeding controlled, and his wayward son otherwise unscathed. So the two happy campers quickly left for the doggy doctor, (also my baby dog George’s), thankful, but three blocks away!!Mission accomplished! I’ve worked for two families long term. One with an overweight sweet girlie beagle named Sofía, and her upstairs nemesis cantankerous feline competition, Eli. It was a challenge with one-owner only Eli, but I got him in my lap for caresses eventually, and the girlie and I were quick fast friends, with additional exercise and incentives to the children not to overfeed her, in spite of the beautiful, agonizingly comedic soulful eyes pining for tidbits all day. She’d been hit by a car, so I taught safety to the family and set up frequent walking, to avoid the continual lightening speed beelines for the front and back doors! The other family had a 7–month-old “human baby, ” so I walked both, killing two birds with one stone for that contract!
Pet care in Montreal - Rayan N.

Rayan N.

Yrs old
My name is Grace Tabet, i am on my friend’s profile !! i am available to take your dogs on walks, pet sit them, even boarding them. (Cats too) i am very kind and patient and nurturing and can’t wait to meet your pets ❤️ I have been an animal lover since i was a little girl, i have two cats and have had a dog in the past. I am kind and patient towards all animals and treat them like family when they are in my care ❤️
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Santosh A.

Yrs old
I am loyal guy. Yes I have a experience
Pet care in Montreal - Gina V.

Gina V.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
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I'm Gina, a passionately dedicated pet care provider with over 7 years of professional experience, and I'm ready to start helping you with your furry friend immediately. I'm based in Montreal, but I am willing to relocate or travel as necessary to take care of your pet. I maintain a smoke-free environment and have a safely enclosed backyard where your pets can play freely. I am comfortable handling dogs of all behaviors and possess the skills necessary to administer oral medication, take care of senior dogs, provide exercise for high-energy dogs, and even do teeth or fur brushing. My services range from boarding, house sitting, dog walking, to doggy day care and pet training. Please note, for boarding services, I can only accept vaccinated, well-behaved dogs. If your dog doesn't match these criteria, I am more than willing to come and provide care in your home. When it comes to availability, you can count on me to be there for your pet. I'm available at any time throughout the day and night from Monday through Sunday. Holder of a Professional Pet Sitter Certification, I am equally able to communicate in English, Finnish, French, and German. I am a Canadian and Swiss citizen, and have passed a police check. I look forward to providing your dogs the love, care, and fun they deserve! I've had dogs all my life and I still own two young dogs. They are fully vaccinated and socialized with other dogs. I'm planning to become a dog trainer because I own a very good as self taught dog trainer skill.
Pet care in Mont-Royal - Aubrey J.

Aubrey J.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Hello! I'm Aubrey, a pet care professional based in Outremont. I have an active lifestyle, perfect for exercising high-energy dogs or other animals, but I'm also comfortable lounging and caring for lower energy pets at home. I have five years of experience in pet care, specifically dealing with a varied range of pets including dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish, reptiles, and even exotic or other types of animals. This experience stems from growing up with dogs, whom I've trained from puppies, and assisted in their aging process. I also had a childhood cat who lived up to the ripe age of 21, providing me with valuable insights in elderly cat care. Apart from this, I rest assured that I can cater to some special needs pets may have. My array of services include admininstering oral and injected medication, brushing their teeth or fur, providing daily exercise, and tending to special needs or senior dogs or other animals. Additionally, I am open to house sitting, grooming and boarding, and carrying out drop-in visits to feed and play with your pets. I am available for most of the week, be it mornings, mid-days, evenings or night time. I believe in fostering trustful and lasting relationships with clients and their beloved pets and I'm looking forward to starting from the date on 3rd May 2024. As a pet care professional, I respect the importance of gentle integration in fostering new relationships with animals. I promise to uphold your necessary training practices when with your pet. All I suggest is equipping your dog with a harness if walks are necessary. You can trust your pets to receive plenty of love, care, and engaging conversations with me. I am open and comfortable to taking your pets to my place as well. I look forward to meeting you and your pets soon! I feel energized and calm while spending time with animals. My professional experience includes but is not limited to -long term home stays (3+weeks) -working on animal sanctuaries -caring for sick animals -descalating animal conflict - bathing and grooming animals -exercising dogs -animal enrichment
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Pet care in Montreal - Srija B.

Srija B.

Yrs old
Year Experience
Hello! My name is Srija, a dedicated pet lover located in Montreal, with a year of professional pet care experience under my belt. Animals, especially dogs, are my passion and I thoroughly enjoy spending quality time with them - teaching them tricks, going on long walks, and generally ensuring that they are both mentally and physically stimulated. My service commitment includes brushing their teeth/fur, providing daily exercise, attending to pets with special needs, taking care of senior pets, and administering both injected and oral medications. Notably, I am available for drop-in visits, dog walking, house sitting, boarding, and doggy day care. I would love to work with dogs and fish, ensuring that they receive the best care while you're away. My open schedule allows for comprehensive coverage throughout the week, and I am available every day from morning right through to night. An added advantage is my ability to travel, supported by the fact that I possess a driver's license and am able to use my vehicle for work purposes. Even though I don't have any pets of my own, I am more than capable of bringing your pet to my home if required. As a non-smoker, with strong swimming capabilities, you can be assured of a safe and healthy environment for your loving pet. Please note that whilst I am happy to travel, I cannot relocate. I am proud to be both a Canadian and French citizen, and I'm fluently bilingual in English and French. I look forward to offering your pets the best care in either language! Please understand, however, that I've yet to conduct a police check. Let's connect if you think I'm a good fit for your pet care needs. Longing to meet your furry friend soon! Walking or take car of my friend dog when she is busy at work.
Pet care in Montreal-Ouest - Chailin B.

Chailin B.

Yr old
Yrs Experience
experience I like pets I have always worked taking care of them 99% de experience
Pet care in Montreal - Laila S.

Laila S.

Yrs old
Je suis une personne qui aime les enfants et les animaux J aime beaucoup les sports la nature et les livres Je suis paciente et amicale Je suis disponible a partir de 17h00 car je travaille dans une garderie le jour Merci pour me contacter I love all kinds of animals, I love to play with them and pet them.
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Pet care in Montreal - Anna Chiara S.

Anna Chiara S.

Yrs old
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Lifelong Pet lover, i ve been a dog owner since I was 7 years old, I just love animals! I'm a single woman based in ndg and I have plenty of time to spend with your pets! I fo have experience with special needs dogs as I was member of a dog rescue society. I also have experience in pet boarding, in fact in the past years I was hosting 4 cats at once at home. Can't wait to connect with you :) !! 2 years of experience in pet care in Montréal