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Tutor in Quebec - Khadija N.

Khadija N.

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My name is Khadija and I am a 23-year-old woman from Quebec. I have 5 years of working experience and I am available to start immediately. I am available for tutoring on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. I am a non-smoker, can swim well, and have a valid driver's license, although I don't have a vehicle to use for the job. I specialize in working with trainees aged 3-5 and 6-10. As a fluent French speaker, I can provide tutoring services in French. When it comes to music, I focus on vocals, and in terms of school subjects, I am well-versed in Math, Advanced Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, History/Social studies, Social science, Physics, and Computer Science. I have completed my education up to a Bachelor's degree in Science, with additional certifications such as an Associate's degree and College-level studies. I am specifically looking for a private tutor position where I can utilize my special qualifications and skills, such as preparing students for school and exams, teaching using the Montessori method, and working with children with special needs. I prefer to work in my own home as a tutor and I am open to short-term working terms. J’ai 5 ans d’expériences dans ce domaine . J’assistais tout d’abord mes petites sœurs et mes nièces .En même temps des enfants en les aidant à comprendre vite, à faire leur devoir et autres