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Tutor in Ottawa - Daniella E.

Daniella E.

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My name is Daniella, and I am a 25 year old Jamaican-Canadian born and raised in Barrhaven, Ottawa. I have 2 older sisters, one is currently playing professional Rugby in England and has just returned from the world cup. My other sister has a daugther, my niece, and her name is Vivian and she is 4 years old, she is amazing! My mom and dad still live in Barrhaven and I currently live in the Westboro area. My interests include sports such as rugby, volleyball, soccer, flag football and ultimate. I currently play these sports. I enjoy hiking, swimming and paddle boarding in the summer and snowshoeing and skiing in the winter. I do prefer summer! My hobbies include painting even though I am not the greatest but it's getting better everyday! I also enjoy dinner and game nights with friends and family. I like to make earrings out of clay and beads. I love styling myself and my friends with outfits that you think might not go together but they do! I am an energetic, active, responsible, reliable, compassionate and decisive.

I have been working in the education and customer service sector for several years. The people who I have have educated and help to attain their potential are from infancy to elderly, with a focus on people with disabilities. I have mainly worked with school age children. Educating is my passion and what I feel is my purpose. Everyone has a right to education, in a healthy environment and learned through patience and constant reminders that we are capable of learning anything! I have been a babysitter since I was 13 years old and have babysat for over 30 families over the years. I enjoy being a babysitter because each child shows something that I haven't seen before and incredible to see them grow. When babysitting, I like to do arts and crafts, nature walks, baking, watching movies, making talent shows to show their parents when they get home. I also do light housework and I am to prepare snacks, dinner and lunches. Working as a Summer Student Administrative Assistant I was able to assist parents and employees with resources they need for their student/child. I was able to quickly find solutions to problems that could have been distressing to the parents/employees. As an Education Assistant with the Catholic School board I work with children who need a little bit of guiding for them to be even more successful at school. My main area of focus is working with children with a wide range of disabilities, from physical to learning. Colleagues would express that I am kind, patience, hard work, compassionate and always happy to teach. I use modelling, hand-over-hand, repetition, symbols, PECS, objects, technology and pencil and paper to assist in educating my students to grasp the concepts of what is being learned. Working in the customer service sector, has provided me with building relationships with old customers and new customers. I am able to greet them in a friendly manner and acknowledge the fact that I am here for what ever you need to make your stay or visit as comfort as can be. I am able to answer phones, compute and rely messages, and create an organizational system to help my coworkers when it came to deliveries or when the next item needs to be served.

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears
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My Nationality: Canadian, Jamaican
Languages: French
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