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At NannyServices, you can easily find and hire a tutor for your children in London without paying any agency or extra fees. Our search tools allow you to filter candidates by school subjects, experience, education, location, availability, and cost to help you find the right provider quickly. To get started, simply register on the website, browse through the profiles of qualified tutors, and post a job outlining your specific needs and preferences. You will then be able to view candidates' responses and contact those who meet your criteria. With NannyServices, it's easy to find and hire a qualified tutor for your children, all from the convenience of your own home.
Tutor in London - Loisa M.

Loisa M.

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I would describe myself as an exuberant and passionate being.Their are 4 things that I am most passionate about, and they include: PEOPLE, TRAVELLING, SELF MASTERY AND BUSINESS/INNOVATION. In May 2017, After completing my Honors degree in Business Finance and working in the corporate banking world, I decided to pursue something that I had always wanted to and which I absolutely love, which was teaching students abroad and living in my favorite country, THAILAND. My year abroad, teaching English in Thailand and travelling throughout Asia, was undoubtedly one of my most defining chapters. I am now currently living in Canada as a recent graduate and current worker. All age groups, subjects

Chynelli L.

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I am currently working as a Recreational Professional/ Facilitator to adults with developmental disabilities and Behavioral Professional to children with learning problems. Provided emotional support to patients/families in palliative care. CPR, CPI certified, . Special Education Consultant Bachelor's Degree holder major in Psychology Facilitator and Educator for Persons with Disabilities Conducts Assessments Direct Support Professional Private Tutorials, ESL, Translation (English, Tagalog)
Tutor in London - Sandra Y.

Sandra Y.

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I teach children from levels starting at the kindergarten through elementary and ESL students using their preferred learning style. I taught my 5 children myself through homeschooling and they are now going to university and have a great jobs. I have a Teacher's Aide (TA) certificate with Over 30 Years experience. To teach, I use the following: Canadian Curriculum, IXL, splash, Nelson Math and Science, Religion, and other Canadian Curriculum materials and content. Teacher's Aide (TA) with over 30 years of babysitting and teaching experience for children of any age and students with various cultural backgrounds. Experience includes; kindergarten, elementary as well as ESL students using Canadian Curriculum materials and content. I teach kindergarten and elementary as well as ESL students using hands-on as well as critical thinking skills. I teach with the child's preferable learning style to be able to understand the content more thoroughly. Tutoring Elementry level; Math, English, Science, History, and Religion.
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Navdeep K.

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I was born and raised in India. I am fond of teaching students. I am multilingual. I love to spend time reading books, painting, spend time with my family in my leisure time I was a tutor in India. I taught English, Math, Punjabi, Hindi, Arts.
Tutor in London - Ahmed F.

Ahmed F.

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I'm from egypt, youngest child of my family, I used to think i'm too smart until i entered college :D, always loved math and science, I'm a peer tutor currently at fanshawe college. and I play chess :) I have a bachelor of mechanical engineering from Cairo university and i'm pursuing post graduate studies at fanshawe college, I'm really good at math, statics and dynamics, Used to teach my younger family members, Currently Math Peer tutor at fanshawe college

Pari S.

Yrs old
I’m Indian, Kenyan and Canadian! I like volleyball, swimming, cooking and reading and I love running aswell! I’m 14 years old, have graduated elementary school! Now in 9th grade! I’m very friendly and open to new activities, i love helping kids and animals.
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