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Tutor in Kitchener - Labell M.

Labell M.

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My past times is enjoying nature and being physically active within our community. I have raised two wonderful young adult daughters! I am passionate about continuous learning and personal growth opportunities. Enjoying time in nature, connecting with people and learning from others inspires me! I am an Educational Assistant who currently works with students during the school year. My role is supporting student's academic achievement and taking learning barriers into consideration.
Tutor in Kitchener - Tobias S.

Tobias S.

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Hey my name is Tobias. I am 22 years old. I'm sure you're wondering why I want to be a nanny for your child/children, right? It's my passion to work with children because that is what I know and what I do well. When I was 14 years old, my parents gifted me with a little sister. I was able to see my sister grow up and go through all the phases, that a child has. Since the first day my sister faced the light of the world and I was able to see the magic of nature, I knew I wanted to work with children. When I was 18, I made my dream come true and visited the Professional Academy for Social Education located in Germany. My experiences that qualify me for this job and show you that I am the right person you are looking for are: - 7 years of work experience with children and teenagers - Certified Kindergarten Teacher and Teaching Assistant - Health and safety, child protection certification (First Aid, CPR) - Qualified for children/teenager with mental health problems and/or disabilities Your kid is into sports? - No problem! I am also a licensed hip-hop dance-trainer and play actively handball in Toronto. I was also playing handball in Germany in the 3rd best league (3rd Bundesliga) Of course this is just an extra option and not a must have, but if your child is interested in trying out one of these sports, I would be happy to have some sports activities with them! :) Language(s): - proficient English - native German Why you should hire me: I am a socially competent person with a specialized education for children and teenagers. I have been working with children for over 7 years now and I am more than qualified for any job working together with children from the age 1 to 18. Besides my qualifications... Every child is an individual miracle, and it would be an honour for me, taking care of your child/ren. You are interested and want to talk to me personally? Text me here, so we can talk about the next steps we will take together! Thank you for reading this far. I hope to hear from you soon :) Best Wishes for you and your family, Tobias -I visited a professional academy for social education, located in Germany. -I worked in a Montessori-School in Germany -I worked in a kindergarten in Germany (=pre-school tutoring) -Tutoring children of friends of mine. Professional social Educator (German degree)

Jeanne D Arc T.

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French Day Care, 2017-2020 Child Care Provider Took care of 18 children up to 12 years of age before and after school hours. Provided supervision and guidance of daily activities. Organized special activities and maintained records of children. Planned stimulating, developmentally appropriate programs for children. Monitored children and reported observations to the supervisor. Discussed progress and problems of children at staff meetings to encourage creative solutions. French School 2020 to present Educational assistant - Work with the teacher to identify, develop and implement strategies and programs to meet the needs of the students for whom he/she is responsible - Work with the classroom teacher to identify, develop and implement strategies and programs to meet the needs of the students under his/her responsibility; - Prepares, develops, adapts and customizes instructional materials, resources and specialized equipment for the - Prepare, develop, adapt and customize instructional materials, resources and specialized equipment for the student with special needs; - Observe and record in an anecdotal journal the performance of students and report progress or problems of a physical, cognitive or social - Observe and record in an anecdotal journal the performance of students and report progress or problems of a physical, cognitive or social-emotional nature to the teacher; - Accompanying students during integration activities. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (CONTINUED) Page 2 French Tutor - Germany 2000-2006 Taught French as a Second Language to international students. Prepared subject material for presentation to students. Prepared and implemented remedial programs for students requiring extra help. EDUCATION La cité collégiale Ottawa, Early childhood education diploma 2019 La cité collégiale Ottawa, Autism and behavioral sciences 2020 Laurentian University Sudbury Social Work 2020 to present Additional Training Red Cross London, Ontario 2007 Standard First Aid and CPR (Level C) St Louis Adult Learning Centre, Kitchener Computer Courses, Microsoft Office 2007 English as a Second Language 2006-2008 University AstA, Germany German as a Second Language 1999 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Good speed and accuracy in data entry. Excellent computer skills: MS Office and database Ability to use office equipment and learn in-house programs. I am an registered early childhood educator that works several years in licenced day care before obtaining my diploma in Autism and Behavioral Sciences. I am currently working as a special educator in a lFrench school. My first language is French but I am also fluent in English and German. I come from a background where we learn to take care of each other very early in live. So I started taking care of my younger brother when I was 4 years old and now he is an healthy handsome big man. I am always proud to mention this example as I am myself surprise to see the man that I have never stopped taking care of. I also took care of my nieces and nephews this is so natural to me, nobody calls this baby sitting skills because it is so natural, it is how you grow up and it is just one of your choirs. In Germany I did baby sitting and some French tutoring. I worked in a day care here in Canada where I was hired based of my experience but I decided that my career would be in early childhood. My love for children made me wanting not to limit myself only to young children but to go further more with school aged children. Therefore, I went back to school to get my diploma Autism and Behavioral Sciences and have been working since in a French school as a special educator but I still have plenty of time left after school and during school break to help with tutoring or baby sitting. I look forward to meeting you. I am in my third year at the university to obtain my bachelor degree so by this time next year I will graduare
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Profiles with reviewed documents
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Abriana R.

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I am almost 20, I graduated highschool and am currently enrolled in college to become a RN. My primary job is an administrator at a warehouse clinic. My hobbies include reading, writing, gardening, and watching movies. I have lots of experience tutoring in many different subjects. When childcare was my main income tutoring kids became an everyday thing. My goal was always to make them want to learn more, even throughout highschool you would find me spending some of my lunches tutoring English and writing in the library

Jahnae H.

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Hi I’m Jahnae and I am currently a highschooler This would be my first time
Tutor in Waterloo - Tiffany H.

Tiffany H.

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I love nature, questions, and being silly! Hello, my name is Tiffany. I am currently working an end-of-day shift at Emmanuel at Brighton Forest and Nature School in Waterloo as a Registered Early Childhood Educator in their preschool, toddler, and kindergarten rooms. I'll be moving away from the area and am curious about the needs of parents in my new area, and what path to take in my career. I have experience in licensed childcare centers, Forest and Nature pedagogy, nanny work, homeschooling elementary grades, and early learning indigenous programs. I've worked with all ages and I'm still deciding which is my favorite, but across the board, parents sharing the values I teach are essential for a fun and positive program. My philosophy when working with children is ever-evolving, made up of the endless experiences we call life. With all ages, I talk a lot about the brain. My true fascination with brain development began when I learned a baby's brain connects around 700 neural pathways a second between the ages of 0-3 years. The brain is constantly being wired and rewired, experiences play a huge part in determining its structure. I often refer to concepts and strategies in The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. such as "the upstairs and downstairs brain", "implicit and explicit memory", "wheel of awareness" and integrating self and others". Founder of Developing Minds Mariana Carazo identifies twenty-first-century learning as an encompassing experience. She breaks her curriculum down using three major categories: Foundational Literature - academics Complexed Mental Challenges - creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking Character Qualities - curiosity, initiative, adaptability Helping children foster these life skills is rooted in human connection. Ontario's early childhood pedagogy shows a diagram with "belonging, expression, well-being, and engagement" surrounding "children, and families. and educators". One of my most referenced curriculums is Roots of Empathy. A program "based on the scientific knowledge of the human condition". The curriculum includes The Six Strands of Human Connection: 1. Neuroscience 2. Temperament 3. Attachment 4. Emotional literacy 5. Authentic communication 6. Social Inclusion One of my favorite quotes is "love builds brains". I believe love is infinite, there should be enough to fill up everybody's buckets! and when you spill, get holes in, or someone dips from your bucket, love and empathy will help to fill you back up again. If there is anything that can come close to the healing power of love, it's nature. "Nature restores mental functioning in the same way that food and water restore bodies" (Adam Alter) "The outdoors awakens and rejuvenates the mind and engages all the senses at once" ( Angela J. Hanscom) Angela J. Hanscom's book Barefoot and Balanced explains how children thrive by challenging their bodies. "Every child must learn how to assess one's own strength and abilities". "Active free play is critical for developing healthy bodies and minds", providing play experiences that offer resistance to joints, muscles, and connective tissue, go against gravity, and develop bone density and immunity. Nature-based experiences that engage all the senses are the foundation of my teaching style. When engaged in my practice, I refer to questions provided in the book From Teaching To Thinking. What are the children trying to figure out? What theories are they testing? What questions are they asking through play? What understandings and misunderstandings are occurring? What experiences are the children drawing from? Are there patterns in their inquiry that reveal a trajectory of thought? Are there inconsistencies in their thinking or contradictions to explore further? How are children building on each other's ideas, perspectives, and contributions? Through various methods of documentation, I am able to keep you updated on the answers to these questions as your child learns new things. I believe a play-based emergent curriculum is an amazing opportunity for experiences to provide high levels of academic and social-emotional learning while instilling confidence, curiosity and sense of self. When reflecting on experiences a tool I use is The Thinking Lens Planning Tool. consisting of the following reflective questions: What values and intentions influence your response? What action might you take to help children take different perspectives? How might you deepen the child's relationship to their family, earth and community? How does this moment connect to the developmental aspects of childhood? I love my current position but the commute is eating up the majority of my wage and it is unsustainable long term. Send a message with what type of care you're looking for if you're interested!