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At NannyServices, you can easily find and hire a tutor for your children in Boischatel without paying any agency or extra fees. Our search tools allow you to filter candidates by school subjects, experience, education, location, availability, and cost to help you find the right provider quickly. To get started, simply register on the website, browse through the profiles of qualified tutors, and post a job outlining your specific needs and preferences. You will then be able to view candidates' responses and contact those who meet your criteria. With NannyServices, it's easy to find and hire a qualified tutor for your children, all from the convenience of your own home.
Tutor in Quebec - Refan Mae P.

Refan Mae P.

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My previous job is tutoring in private. Hello there! I'm Refan Mae a friendly and creative individual who loves connecting with others. Being a naturally curious person, I am always looking for new knowledge and experiences. A person with a passion for teaching who is highly motivated and creative. I am dedicated to achieving excellence in all my endeavors and continually seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth. To drive success and make a meaningful impact, I am eager to contribute my expertise and collaborate with a dynamic team. Able to develop personal relationships with students and build their confidence in their abilities. Worked with students in small study areas or at home environments. Monitored the learning process to identify opportunities to improve tutoring methods and assist students in achieving their objectives. Structured activities for interactive learning include word analysis, reading, understanding, and fluency skills.
Tutor in Quebec - Abo T.

Abo T.

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Ancien gendarme, je suis agent d'intervention au Ciusss en santé mentale. Je suis actuellement étudiant en DEC TES. PERE DE 3 ENFANTS.. JE COACH AUSSI AU BASKETBALL ET JAIME LA.MUSIQUE Depuis plusieurs années j'enseigne moi même mes enfants ..et j'ai fait un retour aux études en DEC technique éducation spécialisée depuis hiver 2022-2023. Je parle français correctement et je préfère enseigner les jeunes du primaire jusqu'au secondaire 3 de préférence.

Dayna S.

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Femme dynamique et motivée Bonjour moi c’est dayna j’accompagne vos enfants vers la réussite scolaire
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