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NannyServices.ca provides an easy way to find tutoring jobs in York Ontario, whether you're a math, English, music, or any other subject tutor. With the flexibility to teach online or in-person, at your home or the child's home, you can find the perfect tutoring opportunity that suits your preferences. To get started: 1 . Browse the local tutor job listings in York. 2. Create a profile that showcases your subject expertise and tutoring experience. 3. Utilize the search filters to find jobs that match your subject, grade level preference, and location. 4. Apply for the jobs that align with your expertise and experience. 5. Once you find a job that interests you, reach out to the family and discuss the job details and schedule a meeting. 6. Once the job details are confirmed, you can start your tutoring role and help children succeed in their education. On NannyServices.ca, you can find tutoring jobs for different grade levels, such as primary, junior, intermediate, and senior, to best match your skills and interests.
Looking for someone to help my daughter to learn how to read. More details will be provided by message.
Place of employment: Tutor's home
Seeking a tutor to support our 5 year old with her virtual school istarring September 2024 and after school activity. Long term contract. : Yonge and 401. Work hours 8-4 or 9:00 - 5pm from Monday to Friday. The environment for work would be our home. Start end of August -early September 2024. We provide a parking space, its expenses handled by us. , our 't transit friendly which echoes our requirement for a a personal transport means. Health precautions are pivotal hence we require an individual already regularly boosted or willing to. The use of an N95 mask (which we will provide) at all times, including during is weekly execution of a rapid test (also provided by us) is needed. As a measure against outdoor , we would require you change into a different pair of clothes upon arrival. Space to keep some of your favourite outfits would be made available. Salary per year: $34, 424. Paid sick days, , EI, CPP. Looking forward to welcoming a , loving and responsible person into our home to assist in guiding our little one's . Interested persons are kindly asked to apply
Place of employment: Employer's home
"Cada planta tiene sus propios requisitos para crecer. Al igual que cada uno de nosotros." This quote sums up what we hope to give our daughter. We want to craft her learning path around her passions, rhythm and unique gifts. Experience based learning that connects the dots between class and the vast world outside. To teach her HOW to think, not what to think. No timelines, no tests, no grades. When she is ready to learn something, she will. And the more fun you make it, the more she will take in. Teach her by doing, not by memorizing and repeating over and over again. This is the gift we hope to give her! All of your lessons/time with her would be exclusively in Spanish. Ideally 4-10hrs per week and we are extremely flexible, we can choose the schedule together to accommodate if you are in school/another job etc. Salary is negotiable based on mindset and experience.
Place of employment: Employer's home
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