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NannyServices.ca provides an easy way to find tutoring jobs in Scarborough Ontario, whether you're a math, English, music, or any other subject tutor. With the flexibility to teach online or in-person, at your home or the child's home, you can find the perfect tutoring opportunity that suits your preferences. To get started: 1 . Browse the local tutor job listings in Scarborough. 2. Create a profile that showcases your subject expertise and tutoring experience. 3. Utilize the search filters to find jobs that match your subject, grade level preference, and location. 4. Apply for the jobs that align with your expertise and experience. 5. Once you find a job that interests you, reach out to the family and discuss the job details and schedule a meeting. 6. Once the job details are confirmed, you can start your tutoring role and help children succeed in their education. On NannyServices.ca, you can find tutoring jobs for different grade levels, such as primary, junior, intermediate, and senior, to best match your skills and interests.
My 3.5 year old has a speech delay. She is working with a speech therapist. We are looking for someone to work with her for an hour Saturday and Sunday with English and Math. We can bring her to your house if you have a suitable environment and its close to us.
Place of employment: Tutor's home, Employer's home
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