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NannyServices.ca provides an easy way to find tutoring jobs in Richmond Hill Ontario, whether you're a math, English, music, or any other subject tutor. With the flexibility to teach online or in-person, at your home or the child's home, you can find the perfect tutoring opportunity that suits your preferences. To get started: 1 . Browse the local tutor job listings in Richmond Hill. 2. Create a profile that showcases your subject expertise and tutoring experience. 3. Utilize the search filters to find jobs that match your subject, grade level preference, and location. 4. Apply for the jobs that align with your expertise and experience. 5. Once you find a job that interests you, reach out to the family and discuss the job details and schedule a meeting. 6. Once the job details are confirmed, you can start your tutoring role and help children succeed in their education. On NannyServices.ca, you can find tutoring jobs for different grade levels, such as primary, junior, intermediate, and senior, to best match your skills and interests.
Looking for someone to nurture the needs of the family. Primary focus on 8 year old's home schooling, takng her for walks. Mom needs juicing and halthy meals and help manage house. Mom has her own business, full on, working from home office and in city meetings. Children are ages 20, 18, 8. Youngest needs the supervision.
Place of employment: Employer's home
I’m looking for a young girl with a professional dance background in either ballet or ballroom to dance and teach technique (as much as possible) to my 3.5 year old and possibly a couple more girls the same age. My daughter loves to dance and says she wants to be a ballerina but she’s terrified of all group classes. Must be able to come to our house, near Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill. Ideally, we’d like someone with a background in teaching dance to small kids. Russian speaking preferred.
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Highschool Tutor

Concord • 9 km away
Looking for someone to tutor high school math and english tuesday 4 to 7
Place of employment: Employer's home
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Home Tutor for 17 yr/old

North York • 11 km away
Tutor job in Toronto - Home Tutor for 17 yr/old
I’m looking for a tutor for my 17 yr old daughter going into grade 12. She needs a tutor for Advanced Math (Advanced Functions) and a grade 11 review for two weeks prior to the start of this school year. Her other class is chemistry
Place of employment: Employer's home
We are looking for Psychologist/Social worker/Helper for my son, who is 6 yeas old and autistic. We already have weekly speech therapy sessions booked for him, I have been using my insurance for speech therapy sessions (we have never received any monetary help from OAP/SSAH) so I am paying from my insurance for these sessions. My insurance is running out for speech therapies, but I was told I am eligible to claim for Mental health services (Psychologist/Social workers). I am looking for someone who can help my son with his academics, social skills/anxiety, and at the same time claim from my insurance. Or I'm looking for someone who chargers up to 15-18$ per hour, and 3-4 times a week Background: My son is in the Autism spectrum, he was diagnosed last year. He goes to speech therapy sessions for 6-8 months. He’s in senior kindergarten, and he’s pretty okay with his academics, he’s good in math, vocabulary, has super memory, and is now beginning to read as well. He’s a late talker, started speaking when he turned 4.5 but is now fluent in English/Hindi. The problem areas are, his social skills are worrying, he has no friends at school, pretty much stays alone in school, he has lots of fears like loud sounds, toilets at malls, scared of other kids, a bit of repetitive talking. Krishna has moved a lot in the last 3 years, from the US, to England, to Quebec, and now to Toronto. (Almost an year in each place mentioned)
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From $18/hour

Tutor for 10-year-old boy

Scarborough • 14 km away
I am currently searching for a dedicated tutor to provide assistance to my son, who currently is at a grade 4 level. He requires help across all subjects taught at this level. Our aim is to enhance his learning and boost his confidence in all areas of his schoolwork. The targeted subjects would encompass Math, English, Science, and Social studies. We highly prefer a tutor who can provide a comprehensive and detailed understanding of all grade 4 subjects. This will allow him to grasp the subjects fully and improve his overall performance. It is essential for us to find a tutor who can cater to his unique learning style while simultaneously promoting a love for learning in him. Our main objective is to provide him with additional resources to thrive in his education pathway, as well as to improve his knowledge base on a wider scale. It would be beneficial if the prospective tutor possesses impressive experience in dealing with students at this academic level, hence granting them the ability to develop and implement effective tutoring strategies tailored for my son. We are willing to engage in routine sessions to ensure consistent progress in his academic journey and to maintain a healthy learning pace. I appreciate any assistance rendered and look forward to a fruitful education journey with the right tutor.
Place of employment: Tutor's home
From $20/hour
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