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We are looking for Psychologist/Social worker/Helper for my son, who is 6 yeas old and autistic. We already have weekly speech therapy sessions booked for him, I have been using my insurance for speech therapy sessions (we have never received any monetary help from OAP/SSAH) so I am paying from my insurance for these sessions. My insurance is running out for speech therapies, but I was told I am eligible to claim for Mental health services (Psychologist/Social workers). I am looking for someone who can help my son with his academics, social skills/anxiety, and at the same time claim from my insurance. Or I'm looking for someone who chargers up to 15-18$ per hour, and 3-4 times a week Background: My son is in the Autism spectrum, he was diagnosed last year. He goes to speech therapy sessions for 6-8 months. He’s in senior kindergarten, and he’s pretty okay with his academics, he’s good in math, vocabulary, has super memory, and is now beginning to read as well. He’s a late talker, started speaking when he turned 4.5 but is now fluent in English/Hindi. The problem areas are, his social skills are worrying, he has no friends at school, pretty much stays alone in school, he has lots of fears like loud sounds, toilets at malls, scared of other kids, a bit of repetitive talking. Krishna has moved a lot in the last 3 years, from the US, to England, to Quebec, and now to Toronto. (Almost an year in each place mentioned)
Place of employment: Employer's home
From $18/hour
All encompassing support and assistance to a young female adult: More specifically: 1) Motivate and engage her in wholesome productive conversation; 2) Assist in the use of iPhone, iMac, iPad, Apple Watch, hearing aids and similar accessories; 3) Manage her routine, schedule of medicines, hygiene needs, transporting to/from appointments and other personal activities; 4) Help answer calls, messages and correspondence; 5) Prepare and/or purchase meals (mainly breakfast & lunch); 6) Provide companionship in a safe environment 7) Care for her physical and mental health & health
Place of employment: Employer's home