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My name is Katie.I was born in Hungary but I have been living in Canada for many years as a Canadian citizen. I'm a very reliable and honest person. You can count on me in every situation. I'm a warm -hearted and attentive individual with great sense of humor. I hate lies. I spend my free time with world economic things, developing myself. (Great reset; Klaus Scwab, Robert Kiyosaki, Lynette Zheng, Neil Mccoy, David Morgan, Andy Scechman etc..) Interested in World news, Economics, Business& Finance. Education: **Business Administration Diploma -Retail Management Specialization(Collage of Finance and Accountancy) ** 2 years of studying psychology certificate-Hungary ** Massage Therapy School -Canada **First aid&CPR certificate ** Police Clerance I live a very healthy lifestyle, and exercise regulary, no addiction here. Police clearance available upon request. I have an excellent credit score. The reason I'm being here because I have lost my job a not long ago. Unfortunately, my previous client had to be taken to a nursing home. It's so emotional for me, I loved her((:- A women with lot's of life experiences. Compassionate and dedicated elderly care professional with 4 years of experience providing exceptional care and support to seniors. I'm involved providing support to clients with their physical and cognitive health. Such tasks may include assisting them in walking, exercising, and being supportive to them during emotional breakdowns. Have extensive experience in patient care, committed to improving overall patient well being through personal care and energetic engagement. A warm-hearted individual with good judgment and emotional metering. Seeking long term position, very easily trainable. Experience: Quality care George Kunstatter :2010-2012 -Assisted him with daily living activities, including bathing, dressing, grooming and feeding -Prepared and cooked nutritious meals and provided feeding assistance as necessarry. -Administered medications and monitored vital signs -Collaborate with family members and other cargivers to ensure comprehensive care. -Provided grocery shopping, planning menus -Provided walk on outdoors daily -Handeld his dementia Quality care Rose Balsai :2021-2023 - I assisted her in daily operations of her family home in 24 hours -I assisted in serving 5 daily meals (I planned and cooked menus, baked desserts) -I maintained all safety for her. I oversee all aspects physical, mental or emotional health to the family -Sorted medications on weekly basis and distribute medications daily -Ensure Rose were well fed and optimal comfort and satisfaction maintained -Assisted her with oral-care, dressing, bathing, supervising during meals -Provided companionship for her need for emotional wellbeing -Provided Rose feel loved, lots of hugs and kisses( I love her so much) -took her on walks outdoors Provided clean, safe and healthy environments -Cared her for 24 hours service and ensured everyting is fine. -I tolerated aggression I can provide an excellent home care senior assistance service. Satisfaction guaranteed!

I have a 4 years experiences of Alzheimer dementia field. Very patient nature, handled aggression .I have a strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks efficient. Reliable, punctual and responsible in handling the responsibilities of elderly care . Provided clients feel loved, lot's hugs .Provided clean, safe and healthy environment .Cared clients for 24 hours service and ensured everything is fine. My grandmother is 100 years old in Hungary, so I absolute have empathize to the seniors, I love them, they are like a kids. Interacted with clients, assisting them with oral care, dressing, bathing, supervising during meals and cooked yummy menus.

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