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Melanie P.

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i love animals and would love to help you take care of your furbaby while you are away

been working as pet sitter for 5 years now with Rover

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Janine T.

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In Philippines we have chow chow. My previous employer have 2 corgi, 1 cat, 1 bird and fish. I can play and feed them. I worked for caregiver for 3 years here in Vancouver Canada with doing household chores. With 2 corgi dog and cat. I can taking care of them.
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Azriel S.

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While lacking formal paid experience, my extensive background as a pet sitter for numerous friends and family members over the years attests to my genuine love and care for animals. Growing up on a farm surrounded by a variety of creatures, I've consistently had three dogs and two cats as part of my
Pet care in Vancouver - Tshering P.

Tshering P.

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I like watching movies, listening movies and playing games which also includes playing with my cousins and our pets. I like to manage time in my daily life to lead a stable working life. I always stay hydrated. Animal can be as same as people. I also had raised a dog since when she was a puppy. Sinc