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Djomou R.

Yrs old
Aime les animaux, en particulier le chien J'aime les animaux, je vivais avec eux chez nous, mais j'ai pas trop d'expérience dans leur prise en charge, raison pour laquelle une balade avec qu'eux était la bienvenue pour moi

Maria C.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I am 20 years old and has a very flexible schedule For your pets needs I have a had 2 pets I’ve taken care of full time one being a German Shepard and the other a domestic cat

Jorge S.

Yrs old
Je peux nourrir votre chien jouer avec lui et le nettoyer Je n'ai aucune expérience chez le beau-frère des chiens mais je sais comment les soigner et en prendre soin car j'ai aussi des animaux de compagnie
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Profiles with reviewed documents
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Shawna M.

Yr old
Yrs Experience
My name is Shawna originally from Jamaica, living in Canada for more than 15 yrs, I work at the clsc as a nurse assistant, I really enjoy cooking, traveling when it's necessary to visit family, I really enjoy long walks. I have 3 yrs experience raising 2 cats of my own, me and my daughter, and I also have experience babysitting small dogs for my friends.
Pet care in Montreal - Sylvi E.

Sylvi E.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Hi there I am a very personal, eco friendly, animal/nature lover filled with adventure and love💚 I love to go on adventures- walks around the neighbourhood, and finding new places to explore I find love in connection with all animals and the purity of simplicity with interactions. Growing up I had a family puppy since age 5. I would always be the one she followed around the house, slept with at night, and looked at for approval for all questions. She made me fall in love with dogs at a young age- leading to my new dog. She is now 2 years old and I am always amazed by her. She’s incredibly smart and id like to think my training had A lot to do with it! I always loved being exposed to different breeds at any home I go into. Even the owners that say there dog is a little hard to handle, they seem to gravitate to my personality and nurturing kind behaviour tactics. I worked at a boarding facility for 2 years and absolutely loved it. I would watch 50 dogs independently. I would feed them all their designated meals, administer the proper medication, and socialize and analyze behaviour to create a safe environment for all dogs
Pet care in Montreal - Neshme F.
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Neshme F.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Hello! I’m Nesh and I’ve been working as a housesitter/dogsitter for about 5 years. Being energetic, engaging,, loving, trustworthy and detail oriented, are some of the skills I find the most helpful while working in this position. I have worked with dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, and some exotic animals like hedgehogs, chinchillas, tarantulas, and ferrets. I have references too. I’m a sustainability student, so my background (conservation) is also animal related. It would be amazing to be matched with a job that covers both of our needs and where we both feel happy and comfortable! I’m more than willing to talk over the phone or meet beforehand to discuss further details! I have experience pet and housesitting for about 8 years. I’ve worked with dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and exotic animals. I also have experience working with multiple animals at the same time (mostly dogs). I have pets of my own, so I have experience at administrating medication, feeding, cleaning, and handling them.
Pet care in Laval - Siera P.

Siera P.

Yr old
Year Experience
My name is Siera. i live in Canada and i’m 21 years old. i’ve always had pets in my house growing up and i currently have a dog, rabbit and hamster! i work at an animal lab w multiple different species, learning a lot of different things about different animals. I’ve grown up with pets my whole life and now i work at an animal facility; taking care of my own pets and the animals at work has given me extensive experience in multiple species.

Gabi M.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Je suis Gabi, une Mexicaine d'une trentaine d'années qui tente une nouvelle vie au Canada. J'aimerais vous aider à choyer, soigner et donner de l'amour à votre animal. J'ai actuellement un chien Husky nommé Jagger (5 ans) que j'aime et que j'adore, donc les soins et le contact avec les animaux ne sont pas quelque chose de nouveau pour moi. Tarentules, hérissons, poissons, iguanes... J'ai fait un peu de tout. N'hésitez pas à me contacter et à me demander quoi que ce soit sur mes services 😁👌🏼. I'm Gabi, a Mexican girl in her 30s trying a new life in Canada. I would love to help you pamper, take care and give love to your pet. I currently have a Husky dog named Jagger (5 years old) who I love and is my adoration, so the care and contact with animals is not something new to me. Tarantulas, Hedgehogs, Fish, Iguanas... I've done a little bit of everything. Feel free to contact me and ask anything about my services 😁👌🏼. Pet lover and excellent companion for my fuel friend Jagger (Husky). Everyone deserves a chance regardless of breeds or types, even animals ❤️ More than 5 years of caring for my pets back me up haha 😁🐶✨️ Amoureux des animaux et excellent compagnon pour mon ami combustible Jagger (Husky). Tout le monde mérite une chance, peu importe la race ou le type, même les animaux ❤️. Plus de 5 ans à prendre soin de mes animaux me soutiennent haha 😁🐶✨️
Pet care in Montreal - Victoria D.

Victoria D.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I adore animals and animals adore me. My special weakness is a dog. I have experience with pets whole my life. I am born living with various pets in a house in my country, cats, dogs, pigs, chicken etc. :) In Montreal, I have 2 cats for 9 years already. However, I have no experience walking a dog since mentality in my country is completely different, but I am willing to learn.

Sadiye Y.

Yrs old
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