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Pet care in Edmonton - Carla M.

Carla M.

Yrs old

My name is Carla Roberta Jurkevicz Azoia, and I am Brazilian with a degree in Accounting, which I completed in Brazil in 2022. Recently, my husband and I made the decision to move to Edmonton, Canada, in search of a better quality of life, safety, and new opportunities. One of the peculiarities of this move is that I arrived in Canada without speaking English, but I am determined to learn. I understand the importance of the language for integration into a new country and the job market, and I am investing time and effort to acquire the necessary skills. Even in the face of this language barrier, I have a strong desire and willingness to work. I started my career at the age of 16 in pursuit of independence, and this early experience taught me the importance of responsibility and self-development. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in various sectors and acquire a wide range of skills, from customer service to inventory organization, appointment scheduling, and even accounting experience. My professional journey has allowed me to develop diverse competencies. Regarding my family situation, I am married, and we plan to have children in three years. I have a brother who lives in Montreal with his family, and my parents, along with two other siblings, reside in Brazil. When it comes to my interests, I have a great passion for learning about different cultures and lifestyles, which has motivated me to seek opportunities in Canada. Additionally, I am passionate about children and animals. As for hobbies, I love exploring new places, experiencing new things, and learning about other cultures, as well as enjoying quality time with my family. As for my attributes, I would highlight my ability to learn quickly and my skill in building effective interpersonal relationships. I am an extremely adaptable person, which allows me to thrive in dynamic and challenging work environments. Moreover, I have the ability to manage my time and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines. I am committed to overcoming language barriers and making a positive contribution to my community and career in Canada. Now, speaking about my passion for animals: Since childhood, dogs have been a part of my life. I adopted Teebo when I lived with my mother, and when I got married, I took him with me. He was our loyal companion, and to ensure he wouldn't feel alone, I adopted Titi, a little dog who had lived on the streets. She quickly became a part of our family. They slept in our beds, received high-quality food, regularly visited the vet, and we went on walks together. They were always by our side, wherever we could take them. However, when we decided to move to Canada, we knew it wouldn't be possible to bring Teebo and Titi with us. We anticipated long working hours and apartment living, which wouldn't be suitable for them. So, on a 2, 500 km car journey, we decided to leave them in the care of the person we trusted the most, my mother-in-law. Even from a distance, I follow their lives through videos and photos, and today, they are my greatest missings. My love for animals goes beyond my own pets. I am always eager to learn more about how to better care for animals, and my dream is to work professionally with animals to continue making a difference in their lives. I am excited to dedicate my passion and skills to the care and well-being of animals in Canada.

Without paid experience.

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Drop-in visits (feed & play)
Dog walking
House Sitting
Doggy Day Care

Salary: Negotiable

I can take care of
Exotic animals
Other animals
Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Willing to do
Administer oral medication for dogs
Administer injected medication for dogs
Taking care of senior dogs/other animals
Taking care of special needs dogs/other animals
Providing daily exercise for high-energy dogs/other animals
Brushing teeth/fur
Additional Information
Active: 03 Apr • Member since: October 2023
featureHave a valid driver's license
featureComfortable with pets
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
featureI can care for pets in my home
Gender: Female
Proof of police check: Willing to obtain
My Nationality: Brazilian
Languages: Portuguese
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