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Pet care in Edmonton - Faye C.
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Faye C.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I love taking care of animals and I've pet sat for my friends' cats before. Currently, our household has three adorable kitties. I am quite short so I cannot handle very large dogs but small to medium ones are okay! I'm a pet owner who grew up with two dogs, a cat, a pigeon, and a bunch of fish. I love taking care of animals and I've pet sat for my friends' cats before. Currently, our household has three adorable kitties. I am quite short so I cannot handle very large dogs but small to medium ones are okay!

Ori R.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I have had experience with dogs for a long time and being around them is a joy I cannot describe in words. I have had experience with dogs for almost 30 years. I remember myself with dogs since I was a child and I love dogs very much.
Pet care in Edmonton - Vitalii H.

Vitalii H.

Yrs old
I'm from Ukraine, I haven't been there for 5 years, I miss my family a lot but I can't go back there. I lived in Poland for 5 years, my dream was always to go to Canada or the United States, that by going to Angelski. I'm from wi Looking for a job. I like watching movies and cartoons. I like playing with children. I haven't had pets in the last 5 years but my friends have always asked me to look after their pets while they were away on vacation.
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Pet care in Edmonton - Paweena U.

Paweena U.

Yr old
Yrs Experience
I'm only boarding hypoallergenic dog at my home because my husband is allergic to dog but we own Aussiedoodle and I go to dog park everyday. I own a dog his name is Grizzly he is hypoallergenic dog we pretty much go to dog park everyday. I used to have 3 cats back home. I have experience pet sitting with beaded of dragon as well
Pet care in Edmonton - Nao E.

Nao E.

Yrs old
Looking for opportunities to possibly look after pets occasionally, adore both big and small dogs and love cats No previous experience with this specific job, just has owned and looked after animals for my whole life, currently has two dogs and a cat
Pet care in Edmonton - Aaliyah V.

Aaliyah V.

Yrs old
I’m Aaliyah, I love animals. I grew up around multiple different kinds of animals. I like going for walks and playing with animals. I also like just having a relaxing time with the animals. Whatever is needed I will do! I have not actually pet sitted but I have had a lot of animals growing up.
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Pet care in Edmonton - Juliana S.

Juliana S.

Yrs old
Year Experience
I am 25 years old, I am married and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am completely in love with animals. I really like to take care of them. In my free time I like to watch movies, read books, hang out with my friends and love to cook. I grew up with dogs and cats and I loved them! I had 5 dogs and 3 cats but no previous experience getting paid.

Lexus U.

Yrs old
I moved from Barrhead, Alberta in August of 2022 and graduated high school in June of 2022. I have had many pets in my life. I have my own pets that I have taken care of.
Pet care in Edmonton - Dallas A.

Dallas A.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I looked after different animals unique in there own ways animals are very intelligent in my eyes . I am compassionate with them and I understand them I believe .I've done dog walking .drop in feeding them and maintained there supply of food when family was on vacation.ect I love animals I have house and pet sit in BC Canada for 4 plus years various different customers .and had some amazing experiences .
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Pet care in Edmonton - Nicole G.

Nicole G.

Yrs old
I have experience in industrial, commercial and residential cleaning for 2 years, I have worked as a flagger at dirt bike competitions, food prep and serve at a charter school, Popeyes restaurant and yard maintenance. I have owned my own dogs for almost 3 years now, another when I was 19 and my whole family always had dogs, from Yorkies to chihuahuas and boxers to labs. I now have a Rottweiler who's almost 2 and a pittbull who's almost 3. I have tons of experience training my own dogs and friends dogs, I walk mine daily and am super comfortable around all animals as they are a passion of mine. I would love this opportunity to show how much I love animals and treat them as my own children. Thanks so much for the opportunity.