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How to Find Dog Walkers Near Me in Calgary,AB? allows you to search for and connect with local excellent dog walkers who have the experience and qualifications to take care of your beloved pet. Here's how to find a dog walker near you in Calgary: 1. Use the search filters to narrow down the options by location and availability. You can also filter by experience, cost, and pet-specific skills. 2. Browse through the detailed profiles of potential dog walkers in Calgary, which include reviews and references, to help you make an informed decision. 3. Once you've found the perfect dog walker, you can contact them through our platform to discuss the details of your booking and any specific instructions for your dog. 4. Hire and pay a dog walker directly to ensure the most cost-effective solution for your pet's needs. In terms of wage expectation, the average hourly rate for dog walkers in Calgary is around $18 per hour. However, this can vary depending on factors such as the dog walker's level of experience, the services they offer, and the area you are in. By using our platform you can easily find a dog walker that fits your budget and requirements. In addition to that, hiring a dog walker in Calgary is not just a service to make sure your dog gets the exercise he needs, but also a way to make sure they are getting the mental stimulation they need and to prevent boredom and destructive behavior, which can be beneficial for your dog's overall well-being.
Pet care in Calgary - Carolina V.

Carolina V.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I love animals as a child, I had many pets. One day I thought about becoming a veterinarian, but well, life took me on the other hand, but I always had animals at home with care and responsibility. They are too beautiful. I live with my son in Canada, I am a single mother. I love helping, my vocation is service. My love for animals even more. I studied pet grooming for passion, I share it with them. I know how to bathe them, groom them and take care of them. All my life I have had various types of pets. I love animals Titulo Groomer y cuidado de mascotas

Maria G.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I love animals because of the unconditional affection they give back us. I have been caring for clients’ pets for 13 years. I have looked after cats, dogs and a hedgehog, from playing, walking, feeding, brushing, giving medication, taking them to the vet and groomers. I can provide references from my clients.
Pet care in Calgary - Laura H.

Laura H.

Yrs old
Hello! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old pet lover from france. Although I don't have professional experience, I am very passionate about caring for animals and I can start immediately. I am available for pet care services every morning of the week. My services include drop-in visits where I can feed and play with your pets, dog walking, doggy day care, and house sitting. I am also prepared to take on more specialized care responsibilities, such as looking after senior or special needs dogs and other animals. I believe that daily exercise plays a crucial role in a pet's well-being, especially for high-energy dogs, and I am committed to ensuring your pet gets the physical activity they need. I am comfortable working with a variety of pets such as cats, dogs, fish, and birds. Please note that due to my current living situation, I am unable to bring your pet to my home. I am eager to meet your pet and to provide the best care possible! If you think I might be the right fit, I'm excited to hear from you and learn more about your pet care needs. Bonjour, j'ai effectué quellques promenade de chiens sur quebec cet été :) je travaille a partir de 12 ou 14 h donc je suis disponible toutes les matinées
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Pet care in Calgary - Alexandra J.

Alexandra J.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Have had experience training and caring for dogs and cats in particular. One of our dogs has 3 legs and we have worked with her physical challenges since we've had her. We also had my partner's cats who lived to both be 17 and took care of them very well as they aged. Have had my own cats, hamsters, and dogs since I was a child.
Pet care in Calgary - Brenda G.

Brenda G.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
:) I love animals I love animals. I take care of them like they were mine.
Pet care in Calgary - Catalina B.

Catalina B.

Yrs old
I have a bachelors degree in communications with a focus in journalism. My interests and hobbies include reading, running, hiking, drawing, spirituality, holistic health, watching movies and analyzing them! I don’t have experience, but I love animals and I have a strong connection to them. I’m happy to learn proper animal care as I’m looking to own an animal someday! I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a focus on journalism!
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Pet care in Calgary - Sierra H.

Sierra H.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Hello! I'm Sierra, a passionate and experienced pet care professional based in NW Calgary. My love for animals is showcased in my 5 years of devoted work, caring for a diverse range of pets, from seniors to babies. As a proud pet parent to two adorable cats of my own, I understand the level of care and commitment needed to keep your furry friends happy and healthy. I am readily available throughout the week, at any time of the day, from mornings, evenings to nights. I am well equipped to administer first aid/CPR, oral and injected medication to dogs, and adept in caring for high-energy pets and those with special needs. My range of skills also includes brushing teeth/fur and providing daily exercise to keep your pets active and engaged. Besides my regular duties, my services also include drop-in visits for feeding and playtime, dog walking, house sitting, and transport. I can comfortably deal with a variety of pets such as cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, and even exotic animals. Being a Canadian citizen, I speak fluent English, ensuring seamless communication with you regarding your pet's needs. Looking forward to extending the best care for your beloved pets from October 6th, 2023! Cheers to a happier, healthier pet journey! I have 5 year experience taking care of a variety of animals! I am comfortable walking dogs & cats and playing with all sorts of animals. I have experience house/pet sitting all over Calgary.

Lakynn T.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I am a young professional making a career in pet care. My experiences began with owning pets, to now being in school to become a dog trainer. As I work with my current clients I am looking to actively build out my experience and knowledge with a wide variety of pet owners. I'm a high-energy individual with a commitment to the highest level of care. Pets add such value, joy and love into our lives, and I believe they deserve the same. My interests and hobbies outside of pet care include philanthropy, coffee, art, fitness, and reading. Communication, care, adaptability, and creativity are what make me who I am. I would love the opportunity to connect with you further, and can't wait to hear from you! Greetings! I have 11 year of experience in pet care. My jobs have ranged from owning pets, to taking care of families and friends pets. For a full year I owned my own pet care company, which I eventually shut down to move cities. Now, I am currently a student at VSA working towards graduating my Dog Training program, and eventually be a Certified Dog Trainer. As I work towards my graduation I am working to become fully involved in pet care full time and no longer working solely in the food service industry!
Pet care in Calgary - Alexis B.

Alexis B.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Love getting outside and spending time with family/friends and their animals. I used to work for the dog walking app spot before I went to Australia in 2019, had some really amazing experiences doing that and then worked for myself in Australia and here dog walking (lots of different breeds mostly big breeds). Have cat sat for friends and love them so much.
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Pet care in Calgary - Katerina I.

Katerina I.

Yrs old
I'm Katerina, an 18-year-old from Calgary with a love for animals. Despite having less than a year of professional pet care experience, I possess a natural affinity for pets. My services range from pet sitting, drop-in visits, dog walking to house sitting, includes administering medication, caring for special needs animals, and providing daily exercise. I’m flexible, available throughout the week, and able to travel. While I don't offer home stays, I ensure optimum care and comfort for your pets at your place. Even with limited long-term experience, I’m quick to learn and adapt. For your peace of mind, I can obtain a police check. I communicate well in English and uphold values of respect, care, and love for animals. Driven by my passion for animals, I offer pet care services and am ready to start immediately. pet sat for friend's cat & ferrets on several occasions, have owned/own a dog & fish