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How to find a pet sitter near me in Calgary, AB? is the perfect solution for pet owners in Calgary, AB who are in need of a reliable pet sitter or dog walker. Our platform allows you to search for and connect with local pet care professionals near you who have the experience and qualifications to take care of your beloved animals. Our search tools make it easy to filter options by location, availability, and pet-specific skills, such as experience with dogs, cats, reptiles, or fish. You can also view detailed profiles of potential sitters and walkers in Calgary, including reviews from previous clients, to help you make an informed decision. Once you've found the perfect pet care professional, you can contact them through our platform to discuss the details of your job, such as dates, times, and specific care instructions. Using you will find the perfect care for your furry, feathered, or scaly friends, and give you the peace of mind you need while you're away.
Pet care in Calgary - Vanessa R.

Vanessa R.

Yrs old
Year Experience
I just moved to Calgary, I love pets and I actually miss my pets that are back in Mexico, I would love to help you take care of your loved pet I have 1 year of experience taking care of pets, I took care of 4 dogs and 2 cats simultaneously for over 8 months, all in the same house

Andrea S.

Yrs old
I have always loved all pets and originally wanted to a veterinarian before switching careers! There aren't many pets that intimidate me I have helped my neighbours with their pets on occasion, but my main experience comes from having two dogs since I was little and enjoying the company of various other pets when at friends' or other relatives' homes.
Pet care in Calgary - Janila S.

Janila S.

Yrs old
I am married; my spouse is a student, and me and my family went with him. At home, I have a cat and two infants. I like to spend time with my family, take day trips, and watch movies. I'm a laid-back individual. Since I was a little child, my family has always had pets, but I've never held a job that required having pets. I've owned dogs, cats, ferrets, squirrels, and guinea pigs.
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Pet care in Calgary - Magda W.

Magda W.

Yr old
Yrs Experience
For the last twenty plus years I was running a pet care sitting service. I live with my little dog. We love the outdoors as well as crafts and reading at home. I love taking care of pets. Over the years we enjoyed walks and play on walks and home. I do care for senior dogs as well.

Cassidy O.

Yrs old
My name is Cassidy, I am 23 years old and am originally from Okotoks but currently living in Calgary as I finish up my undergraduate degree in sociology, before continuing school career and acquiring my early childhood education degree.I currently live in the NW with my boyfriend and other roommates also attending university. As I think about my hobbies I realize that my last four years of university have been quite boring, especially due to Covid, but my hobbies I would say include playing spike-ball with my roommates, watching hockey, and cooking. I am very easy going, friendly and love a good joke. From the time I was born, I have usually always been surrounded by animals as my family always had cats, dogs, hamsters, birds and so on. Unfortunately now I have no pets of my own as I live away from my family, but luckily my roommates cats have filled that void for me. Aside from that, my life is quite simply as a student and having a job which is occupied by spending time and helping care for peoples pets would be extremely satisfying. Growing up I always had animals and have always been a sucker for animals, specifically though when it comes to house/pet sitting, my experience is primarily with cats and dogs. Since the age of roughly 10 I would babysit and care for friends and family pets when away or needed. As well as for the past years, although is not professional or paid work, I have been helping and primarily caring for my roommates cats as they have busy work schedules. I acknowledge I have no long term service experience, but have gathered my knowledge and love for animals through my own experience with pets and continuously helping out close acquaintances.

Lana B.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
My name is Lana, I’m originally from Brazil. I love animals, long walks, play with kids and spend time with family and friends 😻 I grow up in a farm in Brazil and I love animals ❤️ Long walks, meals and boarding.
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It’s free to advertise your job!
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Pet care in Calgary - Jason B.

Jason B.

Yrs old
Hello, my name is Jason and I'm 34 years old. I'm a Filipino who recently moved to Calgary. I have a wife but no kids. I look forward to help out pet owners to take good care of their dogs lovingly. Hi, my name is Jason , and I don't have any paid experience for pet care but I love dogs and I was able to pet a dachshund, German Shepherd, and Shihtzu. I have a pet since I'm 13 years old.
Pet care in Calgary - Arsen T.

Arsen T.

Yrs old
I came to Canada with my family from Ukraine.Would love to work in a job, where I could be helpful to animals and people.I live serving others and be a part of community. I don’t have any paid experience but have life experience in taking care of dogs, cats, birds.
Pet care in Calgary - Alexa C.

Alexa C.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
I am an animal lover and have experience with different kind of pets, I enjoy my work and spend time with animals. I'm responsable and caring.
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Locate and browse providers near you
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Pet care in Calgary - Anyi R.

Anyi R.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Hello, I am 27 years old. All my life I have had pets, specifically dogs. I have come to have up to 5 dogs, which I have cared for and loved with my life. I have fed them, I have bathed them. I would be willing to take care of yours, as if they were mine Hello, I am 27 years old. All my life I have had pets, specifically dogs. I have come to have up to 5 dogs, which I have cared for and loved with my life. I have fed them, I have bathed them. I would be willing to take care of yours, as if they were mine