Pet care jobs in Oakville

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I’m a golf professional at Toronto golf club and I can work long hours sometimes
Number of pets: 1

Dog boarding

Oakville • 9 km away
i need someone to board my 2 dogs from may 6 to may 8
Number of pets: 2
I have a four and half years old samoyed need someone to provide early walks from 5:30am-7:30am on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Someone who wakes up early and do rubs with her before bring her back. Someone who enjoys excerise and running. Alaska is very excitable when meet dogs and person. Can not be off leash. She is housetrain, command trained but very stubborn. She need a firm and gentle hands. She is super friendly but will chase small animals or cats.
Number of pets: 1

Play with puppy :)

Burlington • 15 km away
I have a golden retriever 7 months old puppy; I am looking for someone who can take him to play at the park two or three times a week; he is very playful; looking for someone very energetic and love outdoor activities. please contact if you are interested.
Number of pets: 1
Taking my dog for a walk hour hour daily. Picking up poop if she goest
Number of pets: 1
I need someone to walk the dogs twice and day and if possible play with them in the backyard as well They are super friendly and love human companionship.
Number of pets: 2