Pet care jobs in North Vancouver

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Burnaby • 11 km away
I have two wonderful dogs. Our first is Loki and he is a three year old 42lb Bull terrier mix. He LOVES people however can be reactive to dogs he does not know. He is very sweet, playful and has a ton of energy. Our second dog is Hazel who is a 2 month of Chihuahua puppy. She only weighs 3.5lbs right now. She is very playful, curious into everything. Loki and Hazel love each other. They enjoy playing and sleeping together. We are looking for someone to come 2-3 times a week to go for a little walk and let Haxel out for a bathroom break. Because Hazel is still so young she cannot keep up on a walk with Loki yet. When she gets a little older she will be going on the walk as well. Until then, she has a little bag to ride in so she can come along on the walk.
Number of pets: 2
Dog sitting our puppy twice a week in our home. Play with him, feed him lunch, take him out in the backyard or to the park down the street
Number of pets: 1
From $25/hour