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London • 5 km away
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Number of pets: 4
We need a sitter for our dog while we are away for a week. Our pup is high-energy, social, affectionate and stubborn. He understands commands but can be difficult. He also is a tugger on walks but enjoys being out. He's medium sized and mixed breed.
Number of pets: 1
I have a 6 Month old Amercian Bulldog his name is Ares. i am going on vacation for just 5 days from Sept 30- Oct 5 and need someone who is loving, kind, energtic, and clean to take care of my baby. he needs to be dealt with care as he is a rescue and takes his time to warm up to people. he loves dog parks and anything that has trees and grass! hes allergic to chicken so please DO NOT feed him anything that contains chicken food would be provided .
Number of pets: 1