Pet care jobs in Langley

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Need a sitter from approx. 5 pm to 10:30 pm on Saturday Feb. 4/2023 to sit our two mini-Schnauzers in the hotel so we can go for dinner & take my wife's elderly father to see a Vancouver Giants hockey game. Both dogs are seniors, very friendly, not aggressive, not very active. Just need someone to sit with them at the hotel and perhaps take them out if they need to "do their business". "Clyde" is 12, quite deaf, has a heart murmur, very chill, loves human contact, and likes to curl up in a chair, couch or bed with pretty much any human. Clyde loves to watch tv if there are animals or birds in the show or commercials. "Yoshi" is 10, also likes attention, chest rubs, etc., but is much more independent, and prefers to curl up in a chair or pet bed by himself. We will feed the dogs prior to sitter's arrival, but they might need to go out to "do their business".
Number of pets: 2
My partner and I are looking for someone who can help us manage our home errands, and help with taking care of our 2 little dogs. Because of our work (we both run businesses), we are incredibly busy and we occasionally travel. We are looking for someone who we can trust, and who is reliable to help us. Responsibilities: Basic Cleaning - Laundry - Dishes - Tidying up Dogs Sitting - Walking dogs - Feed dogs - Dog parks - Occasional overnight/weekly in-home sitting Cooking - meal prep Errands - groceries
Number of pets: 2