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If you are looking for a job as a housekeeper, cleaner, or maid in Ritchot, Manitoba MB, is a great resource for you. You can join our service free of charge, and present your profile so potential employers will be able to see it. You will be asked to include a precise description of the job you are seeking: are you seeking work as a live-in housekeeper, live-out housekeeper, part-time maid or full-time cleaner? Once you specify what type of cleaning job you are seeking in Ritchot, Manitoba, potential employers will be able to find you more easily.
My family and I are looking for a cleaner for our 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house. My husband and I both work from home full time with our son at home but I am pregnant and not well enough to do cleaning. We need help with most areas of the house as they get messy quickly with a toddler running around. Specifically, we are looking for someone who help put things away, clean floors, vacuum, clean furniture, clean the fridge, bathrooms, fold laundry and do some deep cleaning in some areas. We can't keep up with the cleaning at this time so are looking for someone to come every couple weeks.
Part-Time • Live-Out
From $25/hour
Housekeeper needed for the most basic tasks to help ease the load. We are looking for ~3 hours per week to help with dishes, floors, laundry, possibly bathrooms. Must have driver's license as we are 10 minutes south of Winnipeg.
Part-Time • Live-Out
From $17/hour