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Micki D.

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Dear Family, My availability 24/7 ensures I'm ready to assist when needed. I am an avid driver with a passion for children and a clean driving record since obtaining my Full G license in 2008. I've never had a speeding ticket, accident, or traffic violation. My impeccable background includes a clean criminal record and known traits such as trustworthiness, dependability, patience and lawfulness. As a punctual mom, I have terrific time management skills. Thank you for your time in considering my application. This summary gives you a glimpse of my character and the value I'd bring to your family. Best

My driving record is impeccable, marked by safety and caution. Not a single instance of speeding, accidents, traffic violations, or claims can be found. This unblemished record extends back to 2008, when I attained my Full G license from the Province of Ontario. Additionally, I consistently rely on a GPS for navigation to ensure the adoption of the shortest and most efficient routes.

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