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I am looking for a driver for myself and my children five days a week, Monday through Friday, only for the AM and PM time frame. This is a part-time position involving only driving for pick-ups and drop-offs. Please let me know your rates.
Required : Driving Nanny, Family driver, School transportation


Scarborough • 3 km away
I need a driver to pick and drop off my daughter to school everyday.
Required : Driving Nanny


Scarborough • 5 km away
I need a driver to pick up my elderly father at home at 645am every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday morning, home located near Warden/Huntingwood and be dropped off at 7am sharp for medical treatment at McCowan/401 Than be picked up at 1130am sharp and returned home
Required : Driving Nanny, Personal driver, Family driver, School transportation, Driver for seniors
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Caring driver

Scarborough • 6 km away
Looking for a driver, who can drop off my child in school. But the person must be living in Scarborough area. The school is 8 minutes from home but the person get paid for an hour.
Required : Driving Nanny, School transportation
- on demand driver - clealiness - friendly - family type of person - really.. just a pleasant drive every time
Required : Personal driver, Driver on demand
You will pick him up after school and drop him 5 minutes down the road at his daycare.
Required : Driving Nanny
From $30/hour
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I need help with picking up my daughter from school at 4:30 pm on Mondays and 3:15 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Required : Driving Nanny, School transportation, Driver on demand

Driving kids to school

North York • 10 km away
Need reliable and safe driver to drive 2 kids from North York to 2 different schools in Markham, morning and afternoon.
Required : School transportation