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Driver to School

Edmonton • 14 km away
Greetings to all capable drivers out there! I am currently in search of a reliable and responsible individual who is willing to undertake duties as a "Driver to School". I am in need of someone who can offer part-time services and commitment specifically less than 20 hours per week. Your services would be needed in accordance with the following work schedule: Monday morning and evening, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning, and Friday morning. You will be tasked with ensuring the safe transportation to and from the school, essentially being a Driver on Demand. This role allows for flexibility, with the option to live out and not within my premises. It should be noted that the candidate must possess and use their own personal vehicle for this role. The ideal candidate for this position should be ready to start work immediately. Your main responsibility would be for safe school transportation, a significant role that requires punctuality and reliability. If you have a driving license, possess a fair knowledge of traffic rules, own a well-maintained personal vehicle and wish to fill in your mornings productively, this opportunity is for you! Look forward to hearing from all interested drivers, ready to fill this crucial part-time position.
Required : School transportation, Driver on demand

Safe school driver.

Edmonton • 13 km away
Driver job in Edmonton - Safe school driver.
I need someone who is a safe driver and who has experience on Canadian winter roads. I need a driver only every other week starting tuesday to tuesdsy. ( only 10-12 days out of the month) Driving to and from school which is about 12-16 min away depending on weather and traffic Would have to be picked up at 8am and then 3:03pm except on Thursday which school ends at 2:10pm
Required : School transportation
From $20/hour ($300/month)
Need a 1 time driver on 31st and 1st Sep for 3 hours in total to help with move
Required : Driver on demand
From $18/hour
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