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I’ve been working as a private cook since November 2022. While I’ve worked in kitchens before, I really learned how to cook through taking care of both my parents through their debilitating battles with cancer (first when I was 18, then when I was 28). I’m extremely health conscious, and very capable of accommodating most dietary wishes. I can create menus based on your preferences, or follow whatever recipes you choose. As an additional service, I do pantry organization and can create a menu based on items you have too many of or worry you’ll never use (we all have that one bag of dried beans we swore we were going to soak). I typically work in clients’ homes, and am capable of doing the groceries beforehand if need be. *currently no availability starting september* Can still inquire about catering special events

I've worked on and off in kitchens since I was about 18. Firstly as a dishwasher, then moving on to prep work at De Farine Et D'Eau Fraiche in the village. Last spring I worked as a prep cook at Bonnie Day, a restaurant in Winnipeg, when I was out there visiting with Family for a few months. I have been doing private cooking/meal prep for a few months now.

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