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we are a family of 2 & expecting our first child in the last week of May. As we live here alone we would need a support person to take care of cooking food (postpartum & Normal) for us. We are from Delhi, India & would prefer someone who can cook a good North Indian meals for us. It would be great if you are someone who is also certified in postpartum massage, if not then it’s completely fine too.
Required Private/personal cook, Family cook, Dietary cook
Looking for a family cook to prepare meals for 6 people. 4 adults and 2 children. Cook dinners and prep additional meals for later. Part time (approximately three times a week but flexible on schedule) Located in North delta
Required Family cook
Looking for someone who can prepare home cooked food. Preferably Indian food ( but open to other dishes too) and something which is low on fat, healthy, less oil. We can discuss on the menu later on.
Required Family cook, Cook for Childcare/School
From $16/hour
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We are a small family living in Burnaby our requirements: Needs to know how to cook Pakistani/Indian food good experience in cooking variety of different cuisine Responsible and reliable Can work 2hr/ day Monday-Friday timings can be negotiated
Required Private/personal cook, Family cook
From $27/hour
I am a mom of a beautiful son and have my own job already. Although, I love cooking and I am a good cook. I pay attention to nutrition. I know how to cook for seniors who are on a certain diet. I have an instagram page which you can follow and see how important to me is healthy cooking!
Required Private/personal cook, Cook for Childcare/School, Dietary cook
Preferably experienced in Indian Punjabi and North Indian Cooking
Required Family cook
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