Cook jobs in Chestermere

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We are a family of 4 looking for an experienced cook/chef to prepare meals for our household 2-3 days/week. We have never had a personal chef before, so you may need to educate us on your expectations for schedule, pay, groceries, etc! However as a baseline we anticipate spending $20-$50/hr for your time. Anticipating 2 hours per meal for a total of 4-6 hours/week. We would supply ingredients unless you prefer otherwise. Duties would include meal planning for the meals you prepare, cooking the meals (with extras for leftovers!), and tidying the kitchen after cooking. Optional shopping duties could be yours if you prefer. You’re more than welcome to eat with our family! Is that a thing? I dunno! But we’d welcome you to join us after working hard for our family! Our kids are selective eaters and one adult prefers lighter meat options, so meals typically need to be deconstructed so that everyone can choose what to put on their plates. We actively expose the kids to new flavours and foods over time to help improve their confidence around food, and would need you to make an effort to do so as well. No allergies. The ideal candidate is a self starter who is punctual, reliable, professional, and friendly. Culinary education is a bonus but anyone who has worked professionally in a kitchen environment may apply. We are very much looking for a service that reduces our mental/physical load. We’re a set it and forget it kind of family and will not (do not want to) micro manage your work. Happy to pay hourly or salary. You choose which days of the week to work (2-3/week with at least one day between them please). This is a good opportunity for someone looking for flexibility to work around other clients, family obligations, or another job. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Required Private/personal cook, Family cook, Dietary cook