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Live-in caregiver for elderly lady who is cognizant. No issues with dementia or alzheimers


My mother is turning 97 years, and while she is mentally very cognizant she has limited mobility. In the spring she had pneumonia and came home very weak. She is much stronger now and is able to sit herself up at the edge of the bed and has no difficulty using her arms. She seems to have suffered some nerve damage in the hospital and therefore she finds it difficult to stand and walk at the current time. She is getting regular physio, so she can practice standing by herself. Currently she needs someone to assist her to get from the bed in the morning to her lazyboy chair in the living where she sits during the day. She is assisted into a wheelchair and then wheeled to the living room. My mother can feed herself and is able to help plan menus for the week, but she eats very simple foods. Currently the government sends in a PSW twice a day to help wash her in the morning and assist with her dressing, and then take her back to her bedroom in the afternoon. Would like to have someone who can manage a one person transfer from bed to wheelchair and from chair to bed. My mother only weights 78 pounds and is able to assist in the transfer. She needs someone who can cook her meals, do light housekeeping and also keep her company.

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