Hindi speaking nannies in Victoria

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Kumbu L.

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Full-Time, Part-Time • Live-Out
I am a international student doing my masters in Uvic. I am also doing my part time job in Uvic daycare centre. Being a mother of 2 kids I know well how to behave with Kids. I love being with kids and I get to learn a lot from this little ones. I am currently working for a family with a twin baby. I have been a daycare facilitator back in my country for 3 years. Currently I am doing my masters and alongside I am doing a nanny job for a family with a twin boy.
Babysitter in Victoria - Arushi S.

Arushi S.

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Part-Time • Live-In, Live-Out
I have over 5 years of experience working with kids of all ages including working at a daycare for 1. 5 years. I am empathetic and creative and love planning activities with children. I currently work at oak bay beach hotel but I miss working with kids and I’m looking for some casual babysitting hours here and there. I have over 5 years of experience working in childcare including working at a daycare for 1. 5 years and being in charge of out of school care and teaching preschool.
Babysitter in Victoria - Kinley Y.

Kinley Y.

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Part-Time • Live-Out
I am Kinley, currently studying graduate program at RRU. I am friendly, caring, attentive and multitasking as well. I being a mother have a natural skills and experience in dealing with children of any ages. I have been fond of kids and I can get along very well. I am a mother of one and my son is almost 5 now. I am very experienced and multitasking as well. Since being a mother, I have skills on taking care, feeding, surroundings and knowledge about children safety and well-being both at their home and school. I am friendly, multitasking, attentive and available for you and possibly May even do help on household chores. Thank you!
Profiles with reviewed documents
Profiles with reviewed documents
  • Passport
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Vaccination certificate
  • First aid and CPR
Babysitter in Victoria - Kiranjot K.

Kiranjot K.

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Year Experience
Part-Time • Live-Out
I am Kiranjot , Currently a student at UVIC. I am studying Microbiology and also took child and youth case as an elective subject. I am very friendly, calm and clean. I love kids and I am very good with them. I used to babysit in India for an year. I am looking for job urgently and would like to be paid in Cash. I have an experience of 1 year with child care. I used to babysit children in my neighborhood when I used to live in India. I am good with children of all age groups and also I am loved by them. I am fun loving and knowledgeable of what children want and how to treat them.
Babysitter in Victoria - Artashina S.

Artashina S.

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Full-Time • Live-Out
I am a 26-year-old female, I was born and raised in Victoria BC, my nationality is Fijian. I have completed 4 years of school to get my degree in Law Enforcement Studies. I plan on one day becoming a cop. I have a passion for kids, and as a future cop, I hope to build relationships and work alongside kids. I have volunteer experience working with young kids through Big Brother Big Sister. I have many hobbies, I love playing sports and trying new fun things with kids, as long as it's safe I do not say no to trying an activity with a child. I have over 5 years of experience from taking care of kids with delayed developmental disabilities, fetal alcohol syndrome to kids who do not have disabilities as well. I have the proper training, I also have my first aid and CPR as I worked for a company taking care of children. I am great at making fun creative stimulus activities for children. I have 5 years of work experience working for the Ministry of Children Family Development with youth with autism, and substance abuse issues. I have 1 year of volunteer experience with kids under the age of 10 with Big Brother Big Sister. My duties include making food, providing educational activities, aiding kids through emotional trauma and many other things. I completed high school and completed 4 years to get my degree in Law Enforcement Studies with the Justice Institute of British Columbia.