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Part-Time • Live-Out

Abigayle S.

Yrs old

As an international student from the Philippines pursuing a degree in business, I bring a unique perspective and a strong work ethic to any potential employer. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have a background in caregiving, where I had the privilege of taking care of retired nuns back in my home country. My experience in caregiving has provided me with valuable skills such as compassion, patience, and attention to detail. These qualities are essential when working with individuals who require care and support. While my experience may not be specifically in childcare, my background in caregiving has given me a solid foundation in providing dedicated and compassionate care to others. Moreover, I have a genuine affinity for children. I adore kids and find great joy in interacting with them. While I don't have extensive experience in formal childcare settings, I am eager to learn and be trained. I am committed to acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the well-being and development of children under my care. My willingness to learn, adapt, and undergo training makes me a motivated candidate who is ready to embrace new challenges. I believe that my background in caregiving, combined with my passion for working with children, will enable me to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for them. Overall, my diverse background, strong work ethic, and genuine love for children make me a valuable asset to any potential employer seeking a dedicated and compassionate individual who is eager to grow in the field of childcare.

While I may not have specific experience in formal childcare settings, my background in caregiving back home has provided me with valuable skills and qualities that can be applied to caring for children. Through my caregiving experience, I have developed a deep sense of compassion, patience, and attentiveness, which are essential traits when working with individuals who require care and support. Furthermore, my genuine adoration for children is a driving force behind my desire to work with them. I believe that my caregiving background, combined with my innate fondness for children, enables me to approach childcare responsibilities with empathy, understanding, and a nurturing attitude. Although I may not have direct experience in childcare, I am confident in my ability to adapt and learn quickly. I am eager to gain hands-on experience and to undergo any necessary training to ensure the safety and well-being of children under my care. Overall, my background in caregiving, coupled with my love for children, positions me as a compassionate and dedicated individual who is ready to embark on a fulfilling journey in the childcare field.

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Salary: Negotiable

Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Able to do the following
Light housekeeping
Prepare meals for kids
Do children's laundry
Bathe and dress children
Adhere to special dietary rules (vegetarian, kosher, lactose intolerant, etc.)
Experience with age groups
Willing to care for 2 children
1-2 years
3-5 years
6-9 years
over 10 years
Will care for Special Needs Children
Work history
Accumulated experience : 0 years • Number of previous jobs: 1
2023 — 2024 • Less than a year
Toronto Congress Centre


Additional Information
Active: 13 May • Member since: July 2023
featureComfortable with pets
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
Gender: Female
Proof of police check: Willing to obtain
My Nationality: Filipino
Languages: English, Tagalog
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